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  1. The Planned Destruction Of America As we look over the situation in America we can see a common strategy which is easy to understand from a military standpoint. It seems that the current political situation in America is designed to lead the country into a civil war. This plan is constantly reinforced via the media, government, and controlled large religious gatherings in a subtle way. It is a controlled decline, and chaos that is designed to provoke the American people into such anger they move to overthrow the government. Creating division in all areas within the nation, and the constan
  2. MK Ultra and the media Recently across the globe we have witnessed not as one nation but a global community a rise in false flags. One important aspect of MK Ultra is media manipulation of the mass population. We can see in all these attacks a common control within all global media structure to reinforce these clearly globalist oriented events with outcomes only benefiting those groups. MK Ultra is something that affects us all in our own unique way. The average human with a t.v. anywhere in the world is subject to the temptations, and manipulation of it. The Wild One P.S. Every
  3. Right now along with our fake shootings we have a very popular rising in fundamentalist preaching of various sort. It is with great sadness I must inform you that these youtube prophets, and teachers are all fakes. They are all part of a very well organized lie that is designed to label Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindu's, or Buddhist outside new world order satanic agenda fundamentalist aka terrorists. These very well scripted and organized individuals are part of the plan. If you didn't know the internet is completely controlled this means that youtube is not any different from your local mai
  4. - A side note - I write the above not to pretend to be a picture of perfection because I've definitely been labeled a devil in my own right. Yet I'm not this sort in fact I hate them. This agenda doesn't go along with my free loving personality so the guys above are enemies.
  5. The goal of globalism is simple it is a satanic order which as a goal wants to kill all religions outside of it. The goal of these guys, and why they want to run the world is to efficiently kill anyone who will not submit to Satanism. It is that simple. The Wild One
  6. Ton's of evidence. Pretty much so much evidence that it's hard to believe people like you can sit lying on behalf of this criminal escapade. Yet this is also a spiritual battle. I know who you represent. So here's my very real promise to you that both you/people who did this are cursed men. You will be beaten down by supernatural power forces you can't hide from which will engineer your destruction in ways you have no weapon to form to defend yourselves. I promise you this! You will fall victim to the weapons you call your own, and the lies which have come from your own mouths. The Wild O
  7. Why does Hillary Clinton attend a Bilderberg meeting for an example.. Hillary attends a Bilderberg meeting to get her marching orders. She is a pawn of rich globalist criminal enterprise, and not long after her meeting we get... Now Hillary has been involved in intel since the 1960's her rise is no doubt due to her spiritual master. Yet she like the other fools who hold her leash are frauds every last one of them. Lets take a walk down memory lane not long after a Bilderberg meeting.. Now Hillary a
  8. Alright just wanted to put this in because it's interesting but global intel operations across all major western powers in so far as the illegal ones against people's own country's have a slow down period every year. We have come to be able to correlate the operations of global intel structure directly to the Bilderberg meetings. This means that the false flags we are seeing are directly connected to these meetings. The guys in Intel take orders and follow the aims not of the nations they say they serve but these guys. This is the truth like it or not. We can see when Bilderberg meets, and tha
  9. MK ULTRA - Frame Up The frame up is a way of causing the psychological tunnel vision of the world which is a picture of what criminals want you to believe. MK Ultra functions in a role to in cases like my own attempt to frame people. Now given I openly discuss the reality of our world situation these globalists, and the guys who work for them aka MK Ultra intel/secret slaves will attempt to frame a person for a crime the did not actually commit. Many crimes with patsy's are people who are just blatantly framed examples of this are ripe in America. From Oklahoma City, to the World Trade to
  10. False flag in Germany! After getting caught terribly doing false flags in America offending pretty much everyone in the entire nation and proving that the intel network/gov we love is full of traitors these coverup false flags across the globe in Germany have been the band aid of a globalist political agenda to make it seem these shootings are "everywhere". Yet this shooting as the ones in America are lies, and absolute lies! We can see in Europe that the same show of BS to corrupt their own culture is taking place. Seems the people of the world have a common problem, and it has tried to
  11. The Globalism Problem - Intel Agencies Intel groups are a platform the allow many of the interests of powerful individuals who have no regard to the rule of law or political process to operate outside the guidelines that you and I must follow. An example False Flag German Cinema Shooting - On the heels of some terribly executed false flags in America we have witnessed a massive spike in the understanding in America that our gov. is infiltrated by a common cancer that intends t
  12. How will the NWO be destroyed? This order call it whatever will be destroyed by supernatural intervention. Many of you have been taught miracles aren't real, and I can assure you they are. The same forces that govern this world are the same forces that will ensure this group is destroyed. They will be destroyed by forces beyond any weapon they can forge, and this is how this nonsense will conclude. Yet mark these words those responsible for all these lies, and this chaos across the planet will be brought to justice by forces they have no weapons to defend themselves against. Spiritual and
  13. As false flags become more exposed due to the inept nature of those who have been undertaking these intel operations we see the American people don't seem to be taking the bait. Even if this is a nice bait on the internet to justify NSA occultists to follow me around as if they're not seen any less the simple truths are presented in this thread. If and in the case that false flags do not work given the fact our intel leaders are people who personify and worship evil we can assume they will not hesitate to take things up a notch in their lies. Thus fake attacks, and false flags will be halted t
  14. MK ULTRA A stupid name for a very criminal intel organization designed to serve not only intel because as I've taught all intel services work against the interests of host nations and only for the interest of the powerful groups that actually run them. Many of whom are connected to occultism, and the worship of evil. This is very obvious given the various false flags we currently have witnessed. These events need MK Ultra because this organization sets up to frame people who are planned to be set up to take the credit for the actions others have actually undertaken. In America we can
  15. Well it turns out after our very well publicized false flag shooting in Orlando that is an easy to spot fraud new gun laws are being rolled out. Given the very large scale of the lie and the poor planning people in droves across the United States believe everything about these attacks to be a lie. Thus the gun grabs have been short of successful. Yet the motive of these gun grabs is to destroy the 2nd amendment. It is also to then allow the very obvious dictatorial rule of the nation. Given this attack has been a failure in the fact everyone has only witnessed the clearly satanic lying nature