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Found 4 results

  1. Taliban poised to seize key cities in Afghanistan TALIBAN, SOVIET, KILLING, AFGHAN, HELMAND, BRITISH, ATTACK, WASHINGTON, MOSCOW, KABUL, IRAN, SOLDIERS, AFGHANISTAN, POLICE, MILITARY, GOVERNMENT, ARMY, SUICIDE, MILITANTS, KILL, SUPPLYING, BORDER, INTERPRETER, HELMET, SUPPLY, GENERALS, FIGHTING, RUSSIAN, RUSSIA, REFUGEE, BEIJING, LASHKARGAH, COMMANDER, PAKISTAN, WEAPONS, SECURITY, CHINA, ISIL, 25 MARCH 2017 The Taliban may be poised to seize control of major cities in Afghanistan for the first time since the US-backed intervention ousted the Islamist group from power in 2001, s
  2. all foreign troops in Syria TROOPS, INTERVENTION, SANA, WAR, REBELS, TURKISH, COALITION, GOVERNMENT, MANBIJ, FOREIGN, ISIS, ARRIVED, JOURNALIST, INVADERS, FORCES, SYRIA'S, PRESIDENT, ISLAMIC, INVITATION, ARMY, PENTAGON, ALEPPO, ASSAD, RAQQA, CONFLICT, BASHAR, PERMISSION, SOLDIERS, COALITION'S, AMERICAN, DEFEAT, US-BACKED, DESTROYING, SYRIA, PROBLEMS, SYRIAN, Assad: No one invited US, all foreign troops in Syria without permission are 'invaders' March 11, 2017 Any foreign forces, including those from the US, that enter Syria without invitation are invaders, Syrian Preside
  3. Hitlers Jewish Soldiers MISCHLINGE, GERMAN, WERMACHT, EXEMPTION, AUSTRIA, HITLERS, REICH, POLICY, JEW, RACIAL, HITLER'S, HALF-JEWS, NAZIS, GERMANS, ARYANS, SERVICE, PARTY, FACTS, SOLDIERS, MILITARY, WEHRMACHT, ARMY, GERMANY, WAR, SERVED, EXEMPTIONS, GENERAL, SERVE, REMOVED, JEWS, THIRD, LAWS, SERVING, JEWISH, INTERVIEWS, MEN, HITLER, FIGHT, MIXED, NAZI, Brian Mark Rigg's "Hitlers Jewish Soldiers" brings a new dimension to Third Reich and Wehrmacht scholarship. The Third Reich of the movies is often portrayed as a seamless juggernaut brought down only because of Hitler's decision t
  4. Treasury To Run Out Of Cash By June - Riots Expected CASH, SHUTDOWN, SUMMER, TREASURY, VOTE, STIMULUS, ARMY, UNREST, TRUMP, RIOTS, PROBLEM, BILLION, SERVICE, BOEHNER, MAGNITUDE, BANK, GOVERNMENT, FISCAL, CEILING, PRESIDENT, CRISES, SHOCK, JUNE, STOCKMAN, DEBT, RECESSION, OBAMA, CONGRESS, SOCIETY, BY IWB ยท FEBRUARY 26, 2017 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai US Treasury expected to run out of cash by June, sparking fears of civil unrest A former White House Budget Director has warned that the U.S. Treasury could run out of money by June 2017, sparking riots and civil unrest a