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Found 3 results

  1. FBI Release 9/11 Photos Proving Pentagon Was Hit By Missile PENTAGON, EVIDENCE, ATTACKS, WRECKAGE, PENTAGON'S, DEBRIS, CRASH, IMAGE, MEDIA, AIRLINES, HIT, ENGINEERS, OFFICIAL, IMAGES, BURNED, FBI, PHOTO'S, PLANE, PHOTOGRAPHS, SMASHED, METAL, AIRPLANE, PAINTED, FIRES, PHOTOS, AMERICAN, FLIGHT, WORLD, DAMAGE, RING, BUILDING, MISSILE, HOLE, PICTURES, BUILDING'S, LAWN, IMPACT, U.S., March 31, 2017 FBI release new 9/11 photographs showing Pentagon being hit by a missile The FBI has quietly released a series of new 9/11 photo's that raises questions about what really happened on
  2. Mainstream media silent as 1,500 pedophiles arrested in the United States since Trump was elected TRAFFICKING, PEDOPHILES, FBI, SOLVING, TRUMP, CHILDREN, CONSERVATIVE, U.S., UNITED, INTERNATIONALLY, SEXUAL, PEDOPHILIA, ARRESTED, PRESIDENT, FORCED, HUMAN, PLEDGE, CHILD, PEDOPHILE, MEDIA, March 5, 2017 President Donald Trump is making good on his pledge to use the "full force and weight" of the U.S. government to break up child sex trafficking rings and lock up sexual predators. Since Trump was sworn in, authorities have arrested more than 1,500 pedophiles in the United Sta
  3. Wiretap on Trump Done WITHOUT Court Order -- Featured CLAPPER, INTELLIGENCE, PRESIDENT, FISA, INVESTIGATION, FBI, OBAMA, LAW, PRESIDENT-ELECT, JUDGE, NAPOLITANO, INFORMATION, AMERICAN, DONALD, WARRANT, COMMUNICATIONS, Post by Newsroom - Mar 07, 2017 - 1 Wiretap on Trump Done WITHOUT Court Order The mess surrounding the wire tapping of then-candidate Donald Trump, grows worse each day. On the March 5 edition of "Meet the Press" former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper insisted he would have known about any such FISA wiretap, and flatly DENIED there was