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Found 3 results

  1. Netanyahu to Putin: Israeli Will Continue To Bomb Syria ISRAELI, VLADIMIR, FORCE, ISRAEL'S, PUTIN, CONFLICT, AVIV, DAMASCUS, ATTACKS, AIR, DEFENSE, BOMB, SYRIAN, ASSAD, BOMBING, WEAPONS, ANTI-AIRCRAFT, DESTROY, AERIAL, IDF, SYRIA'S, MISSILES, ISIS, TEL, PLANE, AIRSTRIKES, ISRAEL, RUSSIA'S, ATTACK, JETS, FORCES, MILITARY, NETANYAHU, RUSSIAN, HAARETZ, RUSSIA, MOSCOW, LIEBERMAN, SYRIA, March 22, 2017 Just a few days after Haaretz reported that Israel is supporting ISIS in Syria by carrying out strategic airstrikes, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told Russian Preside
  2. all foreign troops in Syria TROOPS, INTERVENTION, SANA, WAR, REBELS, TURKISH, COALITION, GOVERNMENT, MANBIJ, FOREIGN, ISIS, ARRIVED, JOURNALIST, INVADERS, FORCES, SYRIA'S, PRESIDENT, ISLAMIC, INVITATION, ARMY, PENTAGON, ALEPPO, ASSAD, RAQQA, CONFLICT, BASHAR, PERMISSION, SOLDIERS, COALITION'S, AMERICAN, DEFEAT, US-BACKED, DESTROYING, SYRIA, PROBLEMS, SYRIAN, Assad: No one invited US, all foreign troops in Syria without permission are 'invaders' March 11, 2017 Any foreign forces, including those from the US, that enter Syria without invitation are invaders, Syrian Preside
  3. Video shows Israeli spies sneaking into Syria ISRAELI, DRUZE, TERRORIST, VILLAGE, REPORT, AVIV'S, MISSIONS, TROOPS, FORCES, GOLAN, FIGHTING, COMMANDER, AVIV, SYRIA, TERROR, SYRIA'S, SNEAKING, CAMERA, AL-ASSAD, COMBAT, ISRAEL, INCURSIONS, TEL, REPEATED, HEIGHTS, BATTALION'S, MILITARY, FORCE, BOMBING, SYRIAN, FOREIGN-BACKED, MILITANTS, KNESSET, VILLAGES, Sun Feb 26, 2017 Israel has sent its troops on repeated spying missions to a village located half a kilometer inside Syria's territory in an incident caught on camera, a Tel Aviv-based TV says. Israel's Channel 2 carried the