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Found 3 results

  1. all foreign troops in Syria TROOPS, INTERVENTION, SANA, WAR, REBELS, TURKISH, COALITION, GOVERNMENT, MANBIJ, FOREIGN, ISIS, ARRIVED, JOURNALIST, INVADERS, FORCES, SYRIA'S, PRESIDENT, ISLAMIC, INVITATION, ARMY, PENTAGON, ALEPPO, ASSAD, RAQQA, CONFLICT, BASHAR, PERMISSION, SOLDIERS, COALITION'S, AMERICAN, DEFEAT, US-BACKED, DESTROYING, SYRIA, PROBLEMS, SYRIAN, Assad: No one invited US, all foreign troops in Syria without permission are 'invaders' March 11, 2017 Any foreign forces, including those from the US, that enter Syria without invitation are invaders, Syrian Preside
  2. US troops in Syria are invaders - Syrian President Assad ASSAD, ISIS, INVITATION, PERMISSION, DAMASCUS, SYRIAN, ISIL, WAR, TROOPS, CONSULTATION, ISLAMIC, AMERICAN, DONALD, TRUMP'S, FIGHT, INVADERS, COUNTRY, WITHDRAW, DESTROYING, PRESIDENT, TRUMP-LED, INVASION, FOREIGN, BASHAR, SYRIA, Saturday, March 11, 2017 "Any foreign forces, including those from the US, that enter Syria without invitation are invaders," Syrian President Bashar Assad told Chinese media in an interview, noting that no one had given the US troops currently in Manbij permission to in the Syrian soil. Rea
  3. Iraq safer than Sweden War Correspondent Says Mosul Safer for Women than Sweden WOMEN, MIGRATION, SWEDEN'S, WOMAN, IRAK, IRAQ, MOSUL, CAPITAL, WALK, ISLAMIC, QUIET, STOCKHOLM, RIOTS, CRIME, REPORTER, WAR, MEDIA, SWEDEN, CITY, CORRESPONDENT, JOURNALIST, STREETS, 7 Mar 2017 Award-winning war correspondent Magda Gad has tweeted from Mosul that the war-torn city is safer for women and more peaceful than Sweden's capital city. "There's no law on the Islamic veil here, and it's safer for a lone woman to be outside than Stockholm," the war journalist said on Twitter. \