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Found 2 results

  1. The battle for our skies! In recent years I have noticed that something is not right in our skies. I live in the UK and I was tired of waking up to the same old 'typical British' weather. So I decided to take a look and boy it has been a journey. Many different websites arguing different viewpoints and opinions on government conspiracies, weather engineering and corporate control. After years of sifting I think we may have a solution to our problem, I discovered this little gem . This website offers a vast source of information on topics that are important and seve
  2. What are your thoughts on the controversial spokesman and author David Icke? He has written many books and travelled across the world supposedly gathering information of government conspiracies, hidden agendas and Illuminati plots, including everything in between. I happen to think he speaks a lot of sense about the topics he mentions. I have seen quite a few of his lectures online including the latest event at Wembley arena. Everything that he talks about I have gone on to research more in depth myself, and I believe it all has a strong plausibility. The big problem I did have was the talk of