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Found 5 results

  1. The original meaning of the symbol in some ancient religions seems to be rendered as "Good Luck" according to most of these articles. I am not really so sure about this. The Nazi Swastika is seems t
  2. Isla Mujeres: It is likely that Jean Lafitte went to an area of Mexico near Cancun after he left Galveston to the likes of Thomas House and his sons including Col. House who ran Woodrow Wilson through the use of possession techniques and his gift as the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. I can well imagine that this kind of talk falls on deaf ears generally. I hope the ignorant brainwashed people get a good laugh as they continue to be abused in all the ways the elite have used them including putting them to work as cannon or sword fodder while taxing them to death. I partied on Isla Mujeres and we
  3. I am interested to DNA science but i am not sure of this information .
  4. Hitler was a terrible man. I do not mean to be offensive to anyone, by any means. But, I think a lot of what americans "know" anout Hitler is just propoganda. I am sure there are stretches in the tet books, about things he said and did possibly too. I feel like it would be great to learn German and listen to his speaches and see what he had to say. Again, he did kill jews, and was a terrible man, I just think we might not know the real truth about Adolph Hitler.
  5. I found this website to be very interesting. This article lists the similarities between Barrack Obama and Adolf Hitler. I found them to be eerie and thouvht I'd share. I cannot post a direct link through my phone, but you can find the article at Would like to know your thoughts.