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Found 3 results

  1. I have read and heard about members of the elite, trying to substantially lower populations to a great extent. This is because of the belief that the earth can no longer sustain the amount of persons living on it, and that only persons with certain bloodlines are "good" enough to occupy the earth. As a result, the elite are doing everything to kill as much persons as possible through vaccination, by purposely spreading diseases, and by tampering with food and water supplies. I know that some persons are very skeptical about this, however I am not, I know that people are capable of such evils.
  2. Published on May 30, 2014 White House Admits Fake Vaccine Program The White House recently admitted to carrying out a fake vaccination program on children to mark targets for assassination. Hepatitus vaccinations were offered to children in Pakistan, in a program managed by Shakil Afridi, a well-respected physician in the region. Samples of DNA were taken from the youth, in an effort to track down those people President Obama had marked to targeted killings, often by drones. Mike Adams leads Natural News. An activist who became a scientist, he is known to fans as "the Health Ra
  3. I have been researching the grand conspiracy for some time.. I know I am not alone in my thoughts that all religions are all part of the same conspiracy. I believe they have all been created for the simple purpose of causing wars, each one getting more heinous and devastating. Till eventually the nukes get dropped, (which let’s face it, is a matter of time) causing billions of deaths which will give reason to bring about the New World Order. They will come in as heroes, claiming the world needs to be saved from itself, but this will definitely not happen until a fare few billion are dead. Whe