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Found 5 results

  1. A children's concentration camp. It's a concentration camp, no doubt about it. Cops everywhere are enabling horrific abuse of minor and adult children by their own parents and looking for "runaways," especially in certain states such as Idaho, Alaska, New Mexico, and Texas. These are not just "immigrants" -- no, this is white familial slavery amongst other abuse too horrifying for the mainstream media to print. I remember when I was a young child how my own parents hated "kids" and spoke so contempuously of other pe
  2. First of all, Birkshire Hathaway shares are way, way too expensive. BRK.A is reported trading at $292,600.00 per share today May 5, 2018. Never split. Never paid a dividend. Meanwhile, the "Baby Birks," BRK.B are reportedly trading at $195.64 per share. BRK.B shares were first issued in 1996, entitled to 1/30 the dividend of BRK.A, should the company ever in fact pay a dividend. The Class B shares were split 50:1 in 2010, sending the dividend entitle
  3. If you want to do something evil to somebody and to gain the agreement of the whole human society for this, first all the people must have a bad meaning of that guy, which is easy to arrange. The best convincing proof are (own wrong actions of the person in question and) videos, but these must be made by such a way to make it impossible to discover that they were created artificially, in other words that they are a cheat. There are many ways how to create these videos and the most efficient one is to make the guy do or say something what will call out the feelings of dislike in the e
  4. I would like to ask, if those who manage the entertainment have already admitted that they were abusing it deliberately. Below you can see examples of what I have in mind. I hope that you know the components of subconscious influence on the viewer. This example is from video "Rozsoustany zadecky" (I do not know its original name): And this example from movie "Jeste vetsi blbec, nez jsme cekali": I have noticed that components of what I call "evil subconscious codes" are used everywhere, but in a less dangerous or not dangerous way. When compared with the past, it looks
  5. Published on May 29, 2014 Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders holds a hearing on VA health care with Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki, major veterans organizations and the VA inspector general.