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Found 8 results

  1. Zbigniew Brzezinski recently died at the age of 89. He was a major figure in founding the Bilderberg Meetings and the Trilateral Commission, two major New World Order organizations. This was an extremely powerful man in international affairs, and he definitely had an agenda with serious backing from very powerful parties completely unknown to the general public. I do not like that his political discussions and debates took place behind closed doors away from the wat
  2. How Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski Kept Their Relationship Secret for So Long So is that gal related to Zbigniew Brzezinski, of Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, and Trans-Pacific Partnership fame?
  3. Alright just wanted to put this in because it's interesting but global intel operations across all major western powers in so far as the illegal ones against people's own country's have a slow down period every year. We have come to be able to correlate the operations of global intel structure directly to the Bilderberg meetings. This means that the false flags we are seeing are directly connected to these meetings. The guys in Intel take orders and follow the aims not of the nations they say they serve but these guys. This is the truth like it or not. We can see when Bilderberg meets, and tha
  4. Conspiracy theorists may chuckle when they learn a debate entitled “Does Privacy Exist?” is to feature at this year’s Bilderberg conference, the notoriously secretive gathering of the world’s most powerful bankers, politicians and business people. There may be a further shaking of heads when they discover one of the participants at the heavily fortified, five-star Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, will be Keith Alexander, the former director of the National Security Agency (NSA), which was embarrassed by the mass-surveillance revelations lea
  5. The Conspiracy to Rule the World - An Interactive History The origins of the original hand-drawn chart below are seemingly unknown. Given the inclusion of the KGB, YSA and other time-stamped entities, it is likely that the original version surfaced at the earliest; between 1986 - (and definitely no later than) 1991, which is when the USSR dissolved. Re-Drawn Interactive Version (2014) The intention with this version was to make the chart easier to follow and to apply relevant colour coding for easier reference. In-depth details of each of the 77 entities have been collated into what has
  6. Getting involved is easy. You can join an existing We Are Change Chapter, or you can start your own Chapter. We Are Change encourages people to join groups, but also acknowledges that individuals can be just as productive. Do what works best for you. Already have your own organization or We Are Change Chapter? Become a We Are Change Blog Contributor and drive traffic to your cause. Too busy to get involved? Support us financially. Visit our store and donate! CLICK HERE FOR YOUTUBE CHANNEL Gareth’s newest book for insightful information on the perpetual wars in the Middle Ea
  7. Ladies and gentlemen, It`s time to speak out, it`s to late to be quiet! We need to stand as one if we want to accomplish freedom and peace, it`s time we stop listening to the higher elite dividing us, all they do is spread hate and turning us against each other because they are afraid we join our forces!!! I`m coming out with my freedom of speech.. are you? Please share!