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Found 5 results

  1. They are doing something. Everything is set to do not check for updates. Someone snuck me one. This title is the message I received for every link I tried. Home page, bookmarks, known addresses I typed in. I wound up with an update revealed by system restore. I restored my files to an earlier time. Keep your system restore up to date every 2 weeks. Everyone thought they used an internet kill switch a couple months ago. Didn't happen, I restored my files then and had a ball. The speed was incredible with so many off the net. I hate to tell this because the last time I revealed something ( how t
  2. Most people know there was never any free-speech on Facebook - a commercial entity - but if there was any doubt this can now be removed. They have also removed recently convicted leader Paul Golding and deputy leader Jayda Fransen. They were convicted for religious harassment. More on this story can be read here Where the comments appear to be overwhelmingly against the action taken by Facebook.
  3. I've been trying to read classic books in the library or buy them from the bookstore. 1.) I can no longer find an authentic King James Version of the Bible. Authentic books are taken out of circulation, and the grammar has been corrupted in books lent at libraries or sold at bookstores. Modern words have been incorrectly intermixed with "thee" and "thou" and the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and language have been corrupted in books sold as "Authorized" (or "1611" or other) King James Version of the Bible. 2.) Other classic works lack decent translations. In particular the trans
  4. Is anyone else having audio issues with shows on their roku or cable? Ive came to the conculsion that its a high possibility that what ever it is, it's intentional. Mainstream shows that are "hot" or popular during the season, like Lost or How to Get Away with Murder, have no audio issues but shows like south park and anything on cartoon network breif periods of audio will be left out. The commercials are always fine it only does it on certain shows, so I know its not the Tv or the Roku. Ive also experienced it on cable as well. It seems odd that it only does it on shows that criticize the mai
  5. Former UK prime minister Tony Blair has repeatedly denied having a hand in the delay After months of deadlock, Britain’s long-running public inquiry into the Iraq war has reached tentative agreement on the part-disclosure of sensitive communications between Tony Blair and George W Bush. An impasse over the release of discussions between the men who were British prime minister and US president at the time has stymied the release of the inquiry’s findings – leading to accusations that the current UK government and Mr Blair were seeking to frustrate the process . Open evidence s