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Found 5 results

  1. In less than one year after Pope Francis Climate Change Encyclical, "Laudato Si", 175 nations responded by signing the COP21 Paris Climate Agreement. As of today, there are 195 nations that are in the agreement. The very prologue of that agreement was influenced by Pope Francis encyclical. Why does this matter? This makes Pope Francis the very leader of a movement that includes 195 nations, and is unifying people of all faiths. While President Trump announced he would exit the Paris C
  2. As the Jewish nation killed Christ, and also persecuted and killed his followers, so in our age the Christian Church will enforce the mark of the beast, and murder all the saints of the Lord, save the 144,000. It is really getting close to the end. Are you ready? Are you sure!? If not, I pray this helps you realize that you need to start getting ready, and awake from the Lukewarm State as Revelation 3 speaks of: Revelation 3:14-22 And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God; 15
  3. You have got to check this video out. The global climate change movement has not met a halt simply because Donald Trump is in office. Donald Trump is simply giving the power to Christians that are needed, so that with the global climate movement, they can enforce Sunday laws. And not only that, but the climate change movement is moving forward with greater ferocity than ever. The Supreme court is to face off against Juliana vs. United States, in which the lawsuit itself is to make handling climate change compulsory. That means, the United States will absolutely have to make changes to deal wit
  4. The story that I’m about to unfold is about a technology that is being used to induce all kind of psychological illnesses to us without our awareness. Bare in mind that these things that I discuss is not something that a person would easily understand because of the period of this invention and because of the way it’s being hidden in front of our own eyes. Only a person who would think out of the box, who would further research into my findings and who would try to understand these psychological illnesses by talking to victims and analyzing their experience in a different way, would be enlight
  5. Here it is, a conspiracy theory that really IS likely. You must have noticed, especially after Warsaw, that there is zero, zilch, zip political will to do anything about climate change except posture and delay, and be seen to be the good guy. But in terms of actually DOING something - nada. Why? We have to ask that, right? Why? We are talking about nations that can scramble a million men to invade a country in a month, who when faced with the destruction of their whole civilization, possibly their environment, can't get it together to even agree to talk about it. This tells me one thing: t