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Found 5 results

  1. CNN correspondent fired for giving "Nazi" salute on Twitter. Namely, “Sieg Heil!” Translated directly and literally into English, word-for-word except that English uses a slightly different word order than German: "Hail Victory!" Somehow I find that completely unobjectionable. Does CNN find it offensive just because the language happens to be German? Because the language is German and
  2. The Russia investigation: Everything you need to know By Zachary Cohen, CNN Viktor Yanukovych is reviled in the Main-Stream Media for rejecting an agreement with the EU and pursuing closer ties with Russia. Neither Yanukovych nor his 2010 opponent Yulia Tymoshenko seem to have escaped unscathed by criminal charges for the discharge of their duties. The litigiously aggressive and politically motivated criminal charges are a characteristic modus operandi of Russian "thieves in law." The EU
  3. Shortly after President Donald Trump vowed to “do something” about the “cunning” media who he’s called “the enemy” of the American people, CNN announced on air it, and other members of the press, had been barred from today’s White House briefing.
  4. News networks claim they are unbiased and balanced in their reporting. But it's widely known that there are subtle political differences between the different networks, and they have misreported the facts many times in the past. Should we be worried that they're having a bad influence on people and society? Alltime Conspiracies examines why we shouldn't trust the news.
  5. 05/27/2014: South Korea and World News Updated Mid-Day Broadcast: Published on May 27, 2014 In the headlines at this hour... Polls show the ruling party is facing an uphill battle in the lead up to the June 4th local elections... as public anger lingers over the government's poor handling of last month's ferry disaster. Korea's 2014 economic growth forecast is revised down by a state-run think tank,... which cited slow consumption as the main culprit. The KDI also called for a rate hold for now. Violence in Ukraine. A night of cla