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Found 12 results

  1. Starbucks Sells to Nestlé the Rights to Offer Its Coffee in Stores for $7 Billion Perpetual rights. For a $78,000,000,000 company. Whoever was representing Starbucks in that deal is dead meat, and I mean dead. As in, that guy's life is over. Major corporate fraud. War. Militarily hostile foreign corporate takeover. Shareholders be damned. Customers be damned. Employees be damned. They stole the brand, just like a stolen car. And now they're parting it out and fencing it. We can't even vote individual shares of stock anymore, and they pull this kind of stunt on investors of American compan
  2. First of all, Birkshire Hathaway shares are way, way too expensive. BRK.A is reported trading at $292,600.00 per share today May 5, 2018. Never split. Never paid a dividend. Meanwhile, the "Baby Birks," BRK.B are reportedly trading at $195.64 per share. BRK.B shares were first issued in 1996, entitled to 1/30 the dividend of BRK.A, should the company ever in fact pay a dividend. The Class B shares were split 50:1 in 2010, sending the dividend entitle
  3. --> --> Prospective voters of shares of corporate stock are "directed" to "east" or "central" domains, apparently at random. Fuckin' shit, dude, it's the Board of Directors, stupid. They ain't gonna be fuckin' voted out, not matter what you say on your ballot, you're a fuckin' total n00b if you think your ballot counts you feckin' idiot. Why ain't you votin' your stockbroker's recommendation, you meathead? You're gonna get run over by a bus or fired from work or diagnose
  4. The liberals are at it again. That's your choice: if it's a girl, get an abortion or die! If it's a boy, skin his penis or die!
  5. Chelsea Manning to remain on active duty in Army and receive health care after prison release >>>If Manning’s appeal of her court-martial conviction is denied, she could be dishonorably discharged and lose her health benefits.<<< I seriously doubt that appeal will hold up. Trump is furious, and meanwhile, "health benefits" for the rest of us in the United States consist, for the most part exclusively, of mandatory circumcision of baby boys; manda
  6. Cannabis Reverses Brain Aging in Mice Great. Meanwhile I have case in federal court against these head-shrinking mobsters who adjudicated me as a mental defective under color of law, forcing me, again under color of law, to take doggy downers and puppy uppers as a "cure," under some pretense of the practice of medicine, for my alleged mentalism, and deprived me of the right to possess a firearm for life, under threat of fines and up to ten years' imprisonment, for exercising my unalienable rig
  7. I just donated blood, and I am calling for an emergency halt on blood donations. The red-light district questionnaire has gotten out of hand. Have you ever had sex with another male? Have you ever been pregnant? Have you ever had sexual contact with someone who has had the Zika virus? Another male? Other than the one by whom you got pregnant? The Zika STD? Holy shit! If you [bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo] HIV [or yet more legal mumbo-jumbo] AIDS, you may be charged with a FELONY in California for donating blood. If you've ever been arrested or charged with HIV o
  8. Excuse me. "The Haircuttery" a.k.a "Barbers and Buttfuckers Anonymous." If you can't even attempt to spell the word "barber" correctly, please do me a favor and get the fuck out of my country. Not even Castro, San Francisco wants you. Next thing you know, we'll be closing all the libraries, and opening Book Readeries in cities across the United States.
  9. [courtesy of Karl Lentz via via RED or BLUE pill? on FACEBOOK LAWful vs LEGAL a.k.a MANDATORY vs CONSENTUAL “Governments were CREATED by MAN and exist ONLY to PROTECT the PROPERTY of MAN.” “ALL court ORDERS must be SIGNED and DATED by somebody.” “ONLY a flesh and blood man CAN make an ORDER to another man. A judge is FICTION; a piece of paper is INANIMATE.” “Governments and states have AUTHORITY but NO rights.” “YOU never WANT anything from another man BECAUSE only the CREATOR can provide instead say you REQUIRE. meaning of requi
  10. Gov influence in retail In America you might notice gov. influence and occult influence in many of the major retail agencies across your nation. Food is obviously an important resource but it seems also a tool with many uses in the course of mass manipulation. Many of you will notice that these seeming corporate entities are nothing more than gov sponsored programs designed to ensure a goal in the efforts of people who are powerful to manipulate the general population. This power derives itself from knowledge outside and typically superior to the general populace in areas of spiritual, ph
  11. So much of modern medical "research" is fake. I wonder how much it serves hidden political goals, such as denying real medical care to the hoi polloi. For all this fake research going on, it stands to reason that there must be real "legitimate" medical research carried on in secret somewhere, but unavailable to the general public. Anyways, let me get to the real meat of what I want to discuss in this post. Something is going on here that is fake: Support groups are springing up like mushrooms for chronic severe genitourinary pain. C
  12. Hi there. A couple of years ago I was doing research for a school paper about the U.S. census. My research involved reading a lot of reports of government oversight agencies, such as the Government Accountability Office and the Inspector General of the Department of Commerce, and more. Although it had nothing to do with the topic of my paper, I eventually concluded that the Census Bureau is corrupt, and the 2010 census was conducted in bad faith. That is, though I’m sure 99% of the people working at the Census Bureau only wanted to conduct a proper census, the people in charge – the peopl