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Found 5 results

  1. Lauren Wasser is losing her left leg to Toxic Shock Syndrome after already losing her right leg. Come on. Get real. That kind of medical quackery simply smacks of freemasonry. She said "NO!" to some dude who worships at the same lodge as her male doctor, and the aforementioned male doctor is carrying out the retaliation on the orders of the aforementioned dude by practicing such medical quackery on her. There is simply no other explanation that makes sense. "Mayo Clinic," indeed! That's right alongside the interminable fundraising for the Poor Pitiful Paediatric Children's Hosp
  2. I´m here to share two educational videos about the history of the illuminati. Whoever is interested in knowing more about their history and infiltration of society, please check these out : Hope it will be useful for You guys. All the references to the informations are on the description, so You can check for yourselves ! Also I´d like to invite anyone who´s willing to participate in a resistance group, I am gathering important and authentic material to post. Whoever will be interested can send me a message and just let me know . Take care !!!
  3. Legend tells of a mysterious man whose rousing speech convinced American delegates to sign the Declaration of Independence. Could the legend be true, and if so who was he?
  4. I am gaspard scientist PhD and writer of the symbolisms and sacred geometries. I've decided to summarize in english my discoveries into this blog: almost 9 years old already, since 2004 ! To preserve the authenticity of my works and first of all to share my studies with all of you, particularly to those who don't understand french, I have decided to spent sometimes to describe and summarize in english some of my studies such as Mona Lisa. I apologize in advance for any vocabulary mistakes that I may have made. Let's introduce myself : I am Gaspard, PhD scientist and
  5. JWS Mitchell is the original, most credible source for all things Freemason - he wrote the original text uncovering their secrets! Check it out here The “Mitchell” history precedes both Robert Gould’s 6-volume History (1885) and Albert Mackey’s 7-volume history (1898). Prior to 1858, there was nearly a void of Masonic history, save for such as “Anderson’s Constitutions” (1723) and the “Monitorial” work of those such as Preston and Webb. Dr. James W.S. Mitchell (PGM of Missouri) was the first to venture a major history, with a distinct bias toward the Antients. In the end, between t