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Found 3 results

  1. Ok so, unprecedented cold in the middle of America (like Oklahoma & Texas) and the word on the news is that gas & electric companies (OG&E/PSO) will be using rolling blackouts to "conserve" energy. 1: Does anybody have any knowledge as to this extreme cold we are getting? We've never seen anything close to this. Businesses are closing and rolling blackouts are happening. 2: Anyone think this could be a big drill to test big brothers control over the power grid?
  2. The story that I’m about to unfold is about a technology that is being used to induce all kind of psychological illnesses to us without our awareness. Bare in mind that these things that I discuss is not something that a person would easily understand because of the period of this invention and because of the way it’s being hidden in front of our own eyes. Only a person who would think out of the box, who would further research into my findings and who would try to understand these psychological illnesses by talking to victims and analyzing their experience in a different way, would be enlight
  3. What do you folks think about HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project)? Background reading: Angels Don't Play this HAARP by Nick Begich and Jeanne Manning. They have these so-called ionospheric "heaters"--an antenna array located somewhere in Alaska. Do they tune the Schumann resonances of the earth? What can they really do with these? The book claims they can "disrupt human mental processes" among other things. Is there more advanced mind control? Do they create spooky phenomena like ball lightning? What is it all about? Has the project been mostly decommission