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Found 4 results

  1. A Catholic Charity organization. Gender identity and sexual orientation are at the top of its list of "concerns." There is a "questionnaire," that is, an inquisition. Too much "the question" to be asking front and center. Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order on May 2, 2018 to give recommendations on policies affecting faith-based & community programs among other matters. National Day of Prayer and all. We are left
  2. Man charged in pepper spray attack attempted to recruit others to ‘storm’ Anchorage gay pride parades Hate crime? Terrorism? No. The guy is carrying pepper spray and he's drunk. The cops have to spray each other with that stuff in training anyways before they carry it on duty. He just needs to go to the drunk tank and sober up, and the gays need to go home and take a shower. Do they still have all their teeth? Nobody needs to serve time in jail. ‘Between a rock and a hard place’: Volunteers clear out longtime Anchorage homeless camp Okay, sure, kick them out of the camp if it's
  3. The Justice Department (which includes the FBI probably more than the court system proper) is rolling back civil rights protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender minorities. The Obama administration interpreted the law broadly and liberally with respect to LGBT rights, but the U.S. court system has left too much leeway between the laws passed by Congress and how those laws are codified and interpreted in USC, CFR, "cases," etc.
  4. Black lives matter = radical ??? Not quite. Too much spin. Major center of transgender hate. No they're not pro-Constitution or anything like that. More like KKK, faux old-guard ante-bellum south, old establishment pro-prostitution, ... BREIT--BART