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Found 2 results

  1. Hi TRCF, It's nice to see a forum like yours with people thinking their own thoughts. I've had a look at some of your content and I felt this was an appropriate place to post this. I'm sorry if this violates any forum rules mods, it seemed ambiguous, but please move (or remove it) if necessary. I hope that you can empathise with me and keep it up in case I can get some help with what is deeply affecting me right now. I'm living in Australia and our government has recently mandated vaccinations. My partner and I have been forced, for the last two years, to maintain an online rela
  2. I am a new membr. I have never done anything like this posting on a forum before. That is how big this story is how important it is. Those who are targeted in group stalking campaigns would benefit greatly from my story... I fell afoul of the New World Order (don't ask me how; it takes so little to get on their TI list) several years ago, and those were truly hellish years. My job in a shoe store became unbearable as it became patronized solely by the worst customers imaginable. My internet was hacked at least ten times, and my bank accounts robbed (actually money just went POOF and vanis