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Found 8 results

  1. Facebook has cracked the TOR protocol, (The Onion Router,) to create a "vanity address," namely http://facebookcorewwwi.onion/ (This is not a normal link: you must use TOR to visit it.) This means without a doubt that Facebook has the ability to help governments, criminals, and hostile nation-states to uncover and expose Dark Web users
  2. These people have really gone to town cutting hair in Anchorage, Alaska, to be honest I'm not sure what else they do, but where does the name "R3born" come from? Christian salvation? Born again, but hacked? The haircutting fetish? The very rich "helping" the very poor? Remember the lawsuit John Doe vs. Richard Roe when John Doe (a barber) obtained a conservatorship over his client Richard Roe, because Roe had money and hair on his head? Except this is the other way around. They've got a wealth-vs-poverty BDSM fetish going on at that pr
  3. ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH: They worship money, political power, and sex, while they preach Father, Son, and Holy Ghost along with Hail Mary. MAFIA: A major worldwide serious organized crime cartel. Catch phrases include La Cosa Nostra ("This thing of ours") and Omertà ("Code of Silence"). DEMOCRATIC PARTY: A party of the ultra-wealthy: they impose nefarious policies to keep the poor in their place, and have even abandoned their white male upper-middle-class base. The Vatican, along with Italy, fought viciously on the side of the National Socialist Axis (Germany, Italy, Austria-Hun
  4. Medical journal article on teen sexting. Teenage girls (and some boys) these days are so desperate to get away from their helicopter parents that they are hooking up with every Tom, Dick, and Harry who flashes a buck or two. The local cops on the beat see it as a convenient way to pick up the "bad guys" and put them away as registered sex offenders. Standards of proof and evidence are lowered for the "bad guys" in court, while the "good guys" ("gentlemen" who happen to be in the good graces of the local "establi
  5. Scientists Figure Out Why Italian Family Can't Feel Pain A family in Italy doesn’t feel pain because of a gene mutation Family cannot feel pain due to rare genetic mutation Uh huh ... and we get framed for murder on a one-in-a-million "match" from the Mafia's DNA lab
  6. No restrictions on H-1B visa, 70% of them go to Indians: US official US official seeks to allay India’s concerns on H-1B visa, says a record 1.2 million visas of Indians were adjudicated by the US last year >>>... The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign workers in speciality occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise in specialised fields. Indian technology companies depend on it to hire tens of thousands
  7. A lot of the stores have a "no-loitering" policy. As soon as you have paid for your purchases, the clerk or some security guard will ask you why you are "hanging" around and order you to leave the store or "the police will be called." Right in the midst of a fake friendly conversation. This at the "Circle-K" gas station, in which context "hanging" implies a lynch mob. Capital One bank has a "Café" which is nothing but a Peet's Coffee franchise. The baristas acted somewhat intoxicated when I went in there. They were serving the usual lattes and even brownies to children, and were
  8. Someone played the Five of Clubs and forced our hand to the Four of Diamonds, but it's a Bad Suit, and now the Jewish Mafia is playing the anti-semitism card. There is no reason to hate Jews, but when we add up the net worths of Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg, I think they've got the political spectrum pretty well covered, and they are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, thank you very much. Hence the anti-semitism card goes in the discard pile. Now that the College of Cardinals --- oops, I mean the Electoral College, has elected Trump, we have his Catholic Advisory