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Found 3 results

  1. In 2001, while all of us slept, the world as we knew it ended. The Mayans were right, and Planet X crashed into the Earth. Only something else even greater happened that same night, the new hadron collider was turned on and the multiverse was born. We, humanity as a whole, were shifted into the new age of existence we now call the matrix. In this new age things from Earth 1 have transferred to Earth 2; thus, the Mandella Effect. As such, things we as a society have experienced oddities [Trump as President, Time freezes, weather that can't be explained, etc.]
  2. Jews from mossad inspire in them that they did some bad thing. For example that they shit in sea, or that they fucked a dog, or that they sucked a dick, or that they ate some crap like cheese with wavy hair, or just that they ate crap. They inspire it through hypnosis or throught electromagnetic radiation or through something else. Then mossad agents come to this person (their victim). And ask him "what is the wost thing you did? What is the worst thing ever happened with you?". Victim is shamed because of that and says "I don't know". Then jews say to him what they inspire in him, and then th
  3. Reality glitches, also known as glitches in 'the matrix', are a phenomena occuring often but not scientifically proven. I first stumbled upon it on an imageboard where people were sharing their own reality glitch experiences. After a while I found a complete sub-reddit devoted to this subject (/r/glitch_in_the_matrix). here are some examples of stories I found online: I have never experienced such a thing myself unfortunately, but I am eager to hear whether one of you ever experienced such a thing or you know people who do.