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Found 7 results

  1. I know they need good writers but, the CIA and Deep State direct the movies seen. I don't believe many of these remakes are benign. Take Total recall for instance. What was in the original movie about programming they do not want you watching? Those red shoes have been around a long time. They want them viewed as being worn by people that are in power and invincible. The programming starts with the very young. If you don't believe this then make a list of all the super heroes that wear them.
  2. Many things converge in this fantastic case which occurs near a control center for Nuclear military and I suspect mind control site you have seen in the movie War Games. Ghosts are energy and this is a top Earth Energy site connected with Tesla and much more.
  3. What do you folks think about HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project)? Background reading: Angels Don't Play this HAARP by Nick Begich and Jeanne Manning. They have these so-called ionospheric "heaters"--an antenna array located somewhere in Alaska. Do they tune the Schumann resonances of the earth? What can they really do with these? The book claims they can "disrupt human mental processes" among other things. Is there more advanced mind control? Do they create spooky phenomena like ball lightning? What is it all about? Has the project been mostly decommission
  4. Do you believe in mind control? Is it possible to control someone with technology? Do we need mind control techniques when we have so many technological tools to document the population, like smartphones, internet, computers, laptops, social media sites, and legal documents? Is mind control, like hypnosis, a thing of the past?
  5. Hello, Was wondering if anyone has been out to the Montauk / Camp Hero base recently. I was there in September of 2011 and was able to penetrate the radar tower. Someone mentioned that the entrance had been bricked over. Here's a link to the video I shot of that trip. I'm hoping to return next year. Cheers
  6. Robert Naeslund gives his account of how he was implanted with radio transmitters against his will. He explains how these radio transmitters work, and how the state has used this to control thoughts, as well as to keep track of virtually every detail of a person's life. Robert was first implanted with a radio transmitter behind his forehead while waiting to do surgery in a hospital. Later on while at a police station, he was also implanted with radio transmitters. He states that persons are being implanted with radio transmitters during routine surgery in hospitals. He explains the struggle he