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Found 5 results

  1. Who owns the following government propaganda sites?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, coastgua
  2. scientists are now purposely infecting mosquitoes with zika virus to study them. Viruses like Dengue, Chikungunya and now Zika are all transmitted by mosquitoes and are intentionally brought to the Florida Medical Entomological Laboratory near Vero Beach, all in the name of science. “Trying to understand how the mosquito, and the environment and the virus interact with each other to determine susceptibility of infection and transmission of the virus,” said Dr. Barry Alto, Assistant Professor at the Florida Medical Entomology Lab. The lab obtained a strain of the Zika-virus from
  3. What are your thoughts on the controversial spokesman and author David Icke? He has written many books and travelled across the world supposedly gathering information of government conspiracies, hidden agendas and Illuminati plots, including everything in between. I happen to think he speaks a lot of sense about the topics he mentions. I have seen quite a few of his lectures online including the latest event at Wembley arena. Everything that he talks about I have gone on to research more in depth myself, and I believe it all has a strong plausibility. The big problem I did have was the talk of
  4. My husband and I wake early on Saturdays and Sundays to watch the current events show, called Up, on MSNBC. The discussions focus on current events and government policies. Viewers understand that shows on MSNBC are editorial shows. They do not try to hide behind the word "News". We also watch Thom Hartmann on Free Speech TV. He starts each segment with a light summary of news worthy events. After the summary he dives into deep topics, taking phone calls while on the air. We get a lot of our "news" by watching these program because the discussions reveal facts that broadcast news programs
  5. THIS JUST AIN'T RIGHT FOLKS: Barack Hussein Obama had served 14-State Governors in the United States, National Security Letters (NSLs) warning that the Governor’s actions in attempting to form “State Defense Forces” needs to be halted “immediately” or they will face arrest for the crime of treason. The employment of NSLs was authorized by the Patriot Act introduced by George W. Bush. Contained within the section related to these letters, it is forbidden for anyone receiving a NSL warning to even acknowledge the existence of said communication. follow the rest of the story here, its jus