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Found 12 results

  1. Cancer is the sign of the Zodiac, ♋, the crab, which is sometimes associated with pain and suffering: to a doctor, something to be inflicted, not to be relieved. Sometimes certain cells of a tissue or organ in the human body do mutate, grow into a tumor, and metastasize. So that process, which the doctors describe when they talk about "cancer," is more or less, in a very narrow technical sense, true. But the treatment and the prognosis delivered by the medical quack cancer industry are wrong. When doctors say that cancer is "malignant," they are simply saying that it is "evil."
  2. >>> Two years ago, Army Pvt. Shamika Burrage ... There is too much emphasis on full name and rank. Right off the bat, at the start of the article. There is a certain kind of "newsboy rank" about this article that really stinks. Chinese author? U.S. Army private, emphasis on the Pvt.? >>>“first of its kind” in the Army Nope. It's been done before. >>>The total ear reconstruction involved doctors carving a new ear out o
  3. This Rare Eye Cancer Is Affecting Young Women In Two Small US Towns About Ocular Melanoma Friends From 2 States Diagnosed With Rare Eye Cancer: How To Know If You Are At Risk Of Ocular Melanoma Friends? Err, let's just say lesbians. One of them was dumped by some other girlfriend, and now both their eyes are being stabbed out secretly with needles and knives. A woman pulling the Samson-and-Delilah trick on another woman. You've seen those dykes with their heads shaved. Next thing you know they're wearing thick glasses if they aren't totally blind, and they've been committed to
  4. Pathways to conspiracy: the social and linguistic precursors of involvement in Reddit's conspiracy theory forum Colin Klein Peter Clutton Adam Dunn Created on: January 17, 2018 | Last edited: January 18, 2018 Guns are banned, so be on the lookout for these folks, especially on a conspiracy site. They are causing a lot of trouble and grief. Curr Dir Psychol Sci. 2017 Dec; 26(6): 538–542. Published online 2017 Dec 7. doi: 10.1177/0963721417718261 PMCID: PMC5724570 PMID: 29
  5. Cheap, widely available drug could stop thousands of mothers bleeding to death Well, well, smart-ass docs, be that as it may, if you weren't shooting those ladies up with all that coumadin rat poison and feeding them such high doses of aspirin and ibuprofen, they wouldn't be bleeding to death in the first place.
  6. Umm, yes, you know what I mean... They cut part of it off when you are born, and then they sell you pills and shots to make it bigger. Levitra, Cialis, Viagra, anabolic steroids, black market, "grey market," maple-leaf Canadian Ffaarmacies, "natural" food markets, etc., etc. .. This just goes far beyond civil malpractice and even criminal quackery. The only solution to this problem is war. Total, all-out, nuclear war. And as those doctors have so conveniently prepared the means of their own recompense, so let them die in the very gas chambers which they have prepared for th
  7. No fruit juice for kids under 1, pediatricians advise Bad idea. Fruits and vegetables are essential food groups, and kids need to be weaned off their mothers' milk. They say "not good for the teeth," but that's a lie because especially vitamin C is necessary to prevent scurvy and loss of bone and tooth. They said this about honey, too, for different reasons. I think that's a lie, too. Sugar in moderation for small children.
  8. Chelsea Manning to remain on active duty in Army and receive health care after prison release >>>If Manning’s appeal of her court-martial conviction is denied, she could be dishonorably discharged and lose her health benefits.<<< I seriously doubt that appeal will hold up. Trump is furious, and meanwhile, "health benefits" for the rest of us in the United States consist, for the most part exclusively, of mandatory circumcision of baby boys; manda
  9. I just donated blood, and I am calling for an emergency halt on blood donations. The red-light district questionnaire has gotten out of hand. Have you ever had sex with another male? Have you ever been pregnant? Have you ever had sexual contact with someone who has had the Zika virus? Another male? Other than the one by whom you got pregnant? The Zika STD? Holy shit! If you [bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo] HIV [or yet more legal mumbo-jumbo] AIDS, you may be charged with a FELONY in California for donating blood. If you've ever been arrested or charged with HIV o
  10. "Anil Seth, co-director of the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex in southern England" "Robin Carhart-Harris" (U.K.) "In his study, published in 2016, scientists gave participants doses of LSD, ketamine and psilocybin." "David Nutt, a neuropsychopharmacologist from Imperial College London" >>> Psychedelic drugs such as LSD and ketamine cause the brain to enter a “higher state of consciousness,” according to scientists. For the first time, a
  11. Prostate screening pros and cons: If this is a non-invasive test, why are there any "cons" to talk about except the cost? These articles are not even claiming that the cost of the test itself is unreasonable. If there are true non-monetary "cons" to the prostate screening tests, then these are in reality the "cons" of the medical treatment that may possibly be undertaken in response to the results of the test. One conclusion is that th
  12. FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, 660 S Mesa Hills Blvd, El Paso, TX EL PASO COSMETIC SURGERY, 651 S Mesa Hills Blvd, El Paso, TX, "The Science of Beauty" Verbatim from flashing street sign: EL PASO COSMETIC SURGERY CALL TO SCHEDULE 351-1116 VOLUMA XC $590 syringe ULTRA XC $520 syringe ULTRA PLUS XC $560 syringe Pucker Up VOLBELLA $360 syringe kybella $590 vial $990 / 2 vials sculptra $650 vial $1200 2 vials Botox Cosmetic $480 3 sites Forehead Giabella Crowsfeet Facelift 25% of