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Found 2 results

  1. Proof of an afterlife and God slit shot test is consciousness and I can do premonitions. First I'm Psychic and asked the afterlife how we get there. They said what's an quantum computer made of? I said electrons and atom's. They said what's in the brain / made of? I said wtf electrons and atom's also. I then asked them how we get to the Afterlife? They said looks at the hidden wavelength receptors called the hidden frontal lobes as photo below shows them. Now they said what does a microwave do to cells? I said what? I then said make them cook/jump around and move from the heat/wavele
  2. There is no greater and fundamental cover-up than the Hellenization or destruction of knowledge which followed or was in concert with the effort to build Empire and do away with the previous 'keltoi' or DNN (other names are many - in varied languages) pan-tribal culture. It continues to this day even when academics do not know they do it, when they deny any knowledge and even writing to these people. The libraries and librarians in Central America that Bishop Landa oversaw the burning of - is greater on the scale of this hegemony of horror than the many attempts on Alexandria. From The White G