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Found 5 results

  1. Such outweighs all legitimate medical practice. Moses the man of God who decreed the punishment of eye for an eye had clear eyesight until his death at 120 years of age. For as long as he lived, none of his children after their departure from Egypt underwent that peculiar Egyptian ritual of bondage to be circumcised in the flesh of their private parts, and Moses further decreed in his law that no cuttings in the flesh should be performed for the dead. But the "C-section-&-circumcision" childbirth prevails today as "standard practice" in the United States despite the unnecessary cutting and brutality for what otherwise would and ought to be an occasion of love, care, healing, joy, and hope for the entire family. The jackpot jury verdicts of the '80s and '90s failed to cure this endemic malpractice, and even this small measure of redress was rolled back by medical "tort reform." The medical boards which statutorily regulate the practice of medicine have utterly refused our complaints of such unnecessary butchery and denied them a certiorari. Crimimal statutes against mayhem, i.e., the act of unnecessarily, willfully, and intentionally maiming a human being, have either been repealed by state legislatures, or not enforced. The practice of medicine has gone beyond civil malpractice and criminal quackery to verge into war crimes reminiscent of Holocaust-era Germany or Poland, wherefore the convention of a court of proper and competent military jurisdiction is called to address such massacre, carnage, and unnecessary human bloodshed.
  2. equalizer_0

    Holocaust denial vs minimization

    Several European countries have passed laws to ban speech that is claimed on some political grounds to "minimize" or "deny" the Holocaust. Such laws do not help the public to arrive at the truth. Yes, millions of people died. It was war. Total world war. We all know that. But all of them Jews? Or even so many? I think not. Let's try the other tack on "minimization" in any case. U.S. Congress declared war on Germany, Italy, and Japan in the 1940s. Japanese-Americans were sent to internment camps. Were these really as bad as the "concentration" camps in Germany and Poland? Neither German-Americans nor Italian-Americans were interned. Note that it was Japan that attacked Pearl Harbor, not Germany or Italy. Does ionizing radiation really cause as much damage to the human body, and "cancer," etc. etc., as the doctors claim, outside the obvious heat burns from the fireball? Hiroshima? Nagasaki? How did Marie Curie really die? She was a woman in a highly technical and secretive, male-dominated field? "Cancer" from radiation poisoning? Really?
  3. The Justice Department (which includes the FBI probably more than the court system proper) is rolling back civil rights protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender minorities. The Obama administration interpreted the law broadly and liberally with respect to LGBT rights, but the U.S. court system has left too much leeway between the laws passed by Congress and how those laws are codified and interpreted in USC, CFR, "cases," etc.
  4. Chelsea Manning to remain on active duty in Army and receive health care after prison release >>>If Manning’s appeal of her court-martial conviction is denied, she could be dishonorably discharged and lose her health benefits.<<< I seriously doubt that appeal will hold up. Trump is furious, and meanwhile, "health benefits" for the rest of us in the United States consist, for the most part exclusively, of mandatory circumcision of baby boys; mandatory tooth-pulling, especially the removal of wisdom teeth; mandatory mental health treatment; and mandatory drug treatment. None of these health benefits, which are all that we as members of the general non-military public are able to obtain in the United States, are being provided in good faith, (bona fide,) by medical doctors of the current health care regime. No. All we have in America is "Jew" health care, imposed by white nationalists, national socialists, social democrats, and bootlegging republicans. No. We can't say "Nazis." That's a dirty word.