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Found 4 results

  1. Last spring I had no place to stay in Baltimore, Maryland, and I camped out in a little patch of old-growth forest somewhere on the outskirts of town. It was raining a little bit, but not enough I could say I was getting soaked, and the trees did afford some shelter from the rain. I was sleeping on my side, and I somewhat gradually woke up about three o'clock in the morning to the feeling of a pair of paws gently resting on my shoulder. Then claws extended from those paws to dig into my back, and I fully woke up. I turned and looked behind me, and a lithe, furry animal whose body was about
  2. Hi everyone! I stumbled across this forum in my travels, and thought you guys might be interested in a web series I've been working on. Conspicuous Conspiracies is an original web series produced dedicated to investigating conspiracy theories, urban legends, and paranormal events. Each episode will focus on a particular topic and explore the themes, opinions, and theories surrounding it. As of this writing, two articles, and three debriefing mini episodes have been produced, with another two articles being written, and two more episodes in pre-production. Our goal is to produce twelve mini
  3. Published on Apr 8, 2014 Embark on a journey of discovery and delve into the fascinating, mysterious and, at times, controversial world of paranormal investigation. Based mainly in New England, New Gravity Media touches base with some of the regions most respected paranormal researchers, mediums, scientists, skeptics, and of course... ghosts. NGM brings you an in depth "behind the scenes" look at the subject that has the world afraid to sleep alone. Created by Michael J. Baker - Anthony Z. Monti & Joanne Harritos Discover the true science of paranormal research: http://www.para