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Found 5 results

  1. A children's concentration camp. It's a concentration camp, no doubt about it. Cops everywhere are enabling horrific abuse of minor and adult children by their own parents and looking for "runaways," especially in certain states such as Idaho, Alaska, New Mexico, and Texas. These are not just "immigrants" -- no, this is white familial slavery amongst other abuse too horrifying for the mainstream media to print. I remember when I was a young child how my own parents hated "kids" and spoke so contempuously of other people's children in front of me. I never realized so young how deep and bitter there hatred was even for me their own child, and how that secret hatred grew and grew over the years to the point of numerous premeditated attempts at murder, by poison, gunshot, arranged "accident," and many other methods. They were of the Boomer Generation, who despite their privileged generational advantage of wealth, resented their own parents, the "Greatest Generation" who won the Second World War, and after their heyday of wild parties with all the alcohol, drugs, and sex in the Hippie Era of the 1970s, they resolved to enslave, punish, and torture their own children, not even hesitating at murder.
  2. First of all, Birkshire Hathaway shares are way, way too expensive. BRK.A is reported trading at $292,600.00 per share today May 5, 2018. Never split. Never paid a dividend. Meanwhile, the "Baby Birks," BRK.B are reportedly trading at $195.64 per share. BRK.B shares were first issued in 1996, entitled to 1/30 the dividend of BRK.A, should the company ever in fact pay a dividend. The Class B shares were split 50:1 in 2010, sending the dividend entitlement ratio to 1/1500. Class B shares technically do have voting rights, but according to a memo,, these are reduced in proportionality from the voting rights of the Class A shares, so that a Class B share has only 1/10,000 the vote of a Class A share, even though it is theoretically entitled to 1/1,500 the dividend, should the company ever pay a dividend. Thus the Birkshire Hathaway Class B shares have only 15% the proportional voting rights of class A shares. I feel that it is dishonest for a corporation to issue more than one class of common stock. I feel that the very term "common stock" implies that all shares shall be entitled to an equal dividend and an equal vote. Google (Alphabet, Inc.) does the same thing. When Google split its stock, (and changed its corporate name to Alphabet,) the founders stripped the iconic GOOG shares (marketed to investors) of their voting rights, which they retained and reconsolidated mostly for themselves under an alternate trading symbol, GOOGL. Furthermore, Birkshire Hathaway makes its money by preying on poor people by abusive lending and other credit-related practices. Mortgages for mobile homes at steep interest rates, excessive fees at banks, (Wells Fargo, for one.) Birkshire Hathaway itself is a major shareholder in many large publicly traded corporations, and the company actively abuses its voting rights in those shares so that its own management may profit at the expense of other shareholders of those companies. This kind of corporate cross-shareholding (or the practice of a corporation holding and having its management vote shares of another corporation) was characteristic of the financial markets in Japan during the Great Depression, and part of the reason that the U.S. had to go to war to end the Depression. Pearl Harbor was only a little pinprick compared to the damage being inflicted on our economy by Japanese corporations who engaged in these practices.
  3. If you want to do something evil to somebody and to gain the agreement of the whole human society for this, first all the people must have a bad meaning of that guy, which is easy to arrange. The best convincing proof are (own wrong actions of the person in question and) videos, but these must be made by such a way to make it impossible to discover that they were created artificially, in other words that they are a cheat. There are many ways how to create these videos and the most efficient one is to make the guy do or say something what will call out the feelings of dislike in the eyes of the public. Then the folks will agree with what you will do to that person, or, in some cases (like that of mine), with what he will do to himself. If you will impact his brain (by harmful or Hellish energies and by chemical stuff like it was in my case), he will behave, write and speak in a worse way than before and something of it can cause him to be disliked by the public. Just as a matter of interest, there are ways how to make a mother hate her own child and to beat it, in exceptional cases even throw it out of the window. Of course, there is no need to add, that the public would then dislike such a mother and would believe any bad words and videos about her. There are more kinds of tactics for gaining some compromising videos of someone. For instance, in my case they have been doing a lot of crazy things before me (a sudden noise in the bus I was going by, the occurrence of a naked woman in the street before me, nonsensical information said to me etc. etc.) and after some time I ceased to react to it, which makes me look on the videos like I was a crazy or stupid person. But the energetic and chemical impact on me was deadly and I have only survived thanks to my unusual constitution that allows me to collapse at a later stage than most of the other people would. However, please understand that that the person you see in the TV is a cripple! Wanna know something about the cheats they have used on me, broadcasted in the TV and you all have believed in them? They are included in some of my writings that you can download here: "Imagine a powerful organization that hides a terrible evil. Normal people are totally stupid and they will never find out. And, suddenly, there is one only man who is not stupid fully, but only partly (= me). And who starts to discover that evil and apart from it he explains some spiritual things better than all the current teachings known to the public. And so the organization ridicules and breaks him in front of all the totally stupid normal people and it will convince them that it does not hide any such evil and that the man claims nonsense. And even if that man stands all the pressure years longer than it was originally supposed, and works further, despite it he fails and that because of the last one what he has never expected and what he has never managed to imagine: Because of the 100% betrayal of normal people who were not only totally stupid, but moreover also totally treacherous."
  4. VolkodavKO

    Abuse of the viewer

    I would like to ask, if those who manage the entertainment have already admitted that they were abusing it deliberately. Below you can see examples of what I have in mind. I hope that you know the components of subconscious influence on the viewer. This example is from video "Rozsoustany zadecky" (I do not know its original name): And this example from movie "Jeste vetsi blbec, nez jsme cekali": I have noticed that components of what I call "evil subconscious codes" are used everywhere, but in a less dangerous or not dangerous way. When compared with the past, it looks like a bigger amount of gunshots from a lower caliber instead of a lower amount of gunshots from a larger caliber. Sample from "Reversed Meaning": Because Hellish people often adapt to what is known about them, they can adapt to what I have written here, too. For example, they can make many pictures similar to Hellish indications & signs that I have described and it will create the impression that these graphical elements are a normal and usual thing that moreover has no special harmful effect on normal people who see it (however, in certain circumstances it always had, but it can change if people will see such pictures everywhere)... Because it is already obvious, that the components were used deliberately, from the tactical viewpoint there is one only thing that must be done: to convince all the normal people that these components are not harmful, which is what is done now. I suppose, that Hellish people managing the entertainment are clever and they know how to defend themselves against any accusation. I believe that they are able to prove that the components are not harmful to viewers. Remember how they got rid of my claiming about Hellish people. After I have discovered that they exist, they used cheats (for instance the one with my mother, I even do not know if these bastards were present during her dying), damaged my brain and I started to claim exaggerated things, mainly that Hellish people are the majority of population. However, all the material speaking for the fact that I am wrong with Hellish people is invalid. It can be compared to the videos of a talented volleyball player whose leg was mutilated and then he was 10 years recorded how he plays the volleyball game badly with the conclusion that he has got no talent for it at all :-) Words from "The one with the medium mathematics": "Fear not. They will always make a mistake. They will never manage to estimate with 100% exactness toward the future what will result in what." And then there was a beautiful picture, the first part of which will happen in this century. Normal people will learn in it to be a bit wiser than in the previous millennium.
  5. Published on May 29, 2014 Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders holds a hearing on VA health care with Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki, major veterans organizations and the VA inspector general.