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Found 4 results

  1. Alaska's Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott abruptly resigned yesterday over unspecified "inappropriate comments" according to multiple news reports which are very scanty on details. Google, the monopoly search engine for the World Wide Web on the Internet, is complicit in a cover-up of sorts. A search returns the following disclaimer. Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe. Learn more Some results may have been delisted consistent with local information law. Learn more Mallott was the Democratic Party running mate to an incumbent Independent candidate for Alaska's upcoming gubernatorial election this November. Other than the election, this is about the time of the usual PFD / HALLOWEEN DRUG-AND-ALCOHOL PARTY. There is currently reported a staffing crisis of sorts at the Anchorage Correctional Complex (jail) and the Alaska Psychiatric Institute. The Anchorage Daily News reports that many psychiatric patients are in jail awaiting mental health care. I suspect that many of them, with few other sources of income than the once-a-year "windfall" Permanent Fund Dividend, are high on drugs and seeking medication on a more "legal" prescription basis, as well as additional cash benefits to use for alcohol and marijuana. Drug addiction is being "treated" coercively as a mental illness right alongside homosexuality and gender identity disorder. The Democratic Party is becoming characterized by a marked tolerance for street drugs, as well as a secret or hidden seething hatred for LGBT minorities. The cutting circumcision of innocent children betrays the open arms of these "liberal" politicians.
  2. The language really needs to be cleaned up here. Too much emphasis on the "ROLL." Yes, sushi is rolled. That is how it is made. At the same time, a sushi roll should definitely not be a bedroll. That is "service sushi" -- too much the Japanese "geisha" concept -- and we already have too much of a "service" economy in the U.S., especially in Alaska. Too many services and not enough goods. We must improve our morals in order to improve our economy. Now let's get into the details of the attached photo. "Out of Control Roll, Hot Roll, Crazy Roll, etc." -- that much eagerness for the "Roll" implies either a bedroll or a mental illness. "Yummy Yummy Roll" -- if it is that "Yummy" and you have to say it twice, that is a "Lezbo Roll" "Happiness Roll, Sunshine Roll, etc." -- is that "chef's spicy sauce" supposed to be an antidepressant of some sort? "Rainbow Roll" -- a California roll -- that is a gay male roll "Dragon Roll" -- that is just evil -- the eel and the cucumber are likened to the male member "Fuji Yama Maki" -- topped with "fresh tuna" -- if we have to explicitly specify "fresh," something is wrong The LGBT insinuations are only used to sex up the atmosphere. You are never allowed to forget that the women are providing the services and the men are paying for them. I do not want geisha sushi in the United States. I feel sick already. And the Japanese are selling the general concept of "mental illness" -- along with all the horrors of the 1930s Holocaust that implies. Clean up the language. Get out of LGBT territory. Get out of mental illness territory. That sushi is spoiled. And I almost forgot the "Spider Roll." That's the worst: 8 legs -- no, actually 4 legs and 4 arms, but a spider has only one head, because the other head was delivered on a platter for some other lady's order.
  3. Rep. Wilson accused of ethics violation by legislative committee ... for using state resources to mail a postcard to constituents in 2014, because some of them happened to live or reside outside her district, and because said postcard was political in nature. This is 2017. Odd. Very, odd indeed. Legislators are politicians, and even the general public one would expect their communications to be political in nature, as is any consideration of proposed legislation. One would think that free speech, communication, and engagement from legislators to the general public are rather to be encouraged than discouraged and subjected to petty red-light district rules. If the public were unhappy with her use of funds for mailing, they could have voted her out, but no, her colleagues are reading the fine print and researching the footnotes of Robert's Rules of Order to trip someone up for something that allegedly happened three years ago. Seriously, the committee cannot maintain in good faith they they were unaware at the time of the public mailing and only now discovered the use of state funds for it. No, these charges are the type they "put away in the bank" at the time to redeem at some politically advantageous time in the future against a political opponent. I'm not even a politician, and these same good old boys have pulled the same old tricks against me in Washington State. That's their modus operandi. Pull some rather stale old criminal charges out of the game freezer and hold a cookout on a nice sunny day in the park. By comparison, U.S. Congressmen and -women are permitted quite general mailing and franking privileges at no personal cost.
  4. Dozens of Anchorage city executives got big pay boosts earlier this year Pay raises approved for APD & AFD chiefs Anchorage Assembly raises property taxes, updates 2017 budget Alaska governor proposes first income tax in 35 years amid chronically low oil prices Who the F voted for all these bloody circumcising city hall jackasses?