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Found 1 result

  1. I was born and raised in the Old Apostolic Lutheran Church of America. There have been too many suspicious deaths and too many suspicious fires, and the evidence is accumulating to murder and arson, committed by members of the church. I have been forced to leave the church and stay away for fear of life and limb. The church maintains large communities, which they call "localities" in Brush Prairie, Washington and Spearfish, South Dakota. Having mentioned the murder and arson, I must proceed to the really nasty stuff. In the articles of faith as originally set forth in the articles of incorporation of the church body, a belief in the Bible, both the Old and the New Testaments, is confessed. Now one might think, that such an article serves to distinguish the church from so-called "New-Testament-only Christians" of which there are some confessors who entirely reject the Scriptures of the Old Testament. These are difficult to research online, but I leave a few links. (mostly a tirade against Jimmy Carter and "liberals'" tolerance for homosexuality) (this one is very telling) In any case, the belief in the Old Testament seems to be very strict in one particular point, namely that the circumcision of the Old Testament is required as well as the baptism of the New Testament. It seems that those who object in any way to the mandatory circumcision are secretly punished by death. This is not traditional but a new requirement that has been imposed on the baby boomers' children and supposedly all following generations. There is not to my knowledge (yet) any imposition of kashrut or keeping kosher, but foods such as sushi are forbidden delicacies, and alcohol is openly forbidden, though secretly drunk in large quantities. Members of the Old Apostolic Lutheran Church are known in the Urban Dictionary as "bunners" because of the requirement that women wear their hair long and up in a bun. (Men get a very short California haircut.) In fact there is such a strict and harshly enforced separation between the sexes, that most of them (of either sex) are either homosexual or bisexual. This is not unlike prison homosexuality (with conjugal visits allowed for purposes of reproduction only.) Secretly the church is a cult of drugs, sex, alcohol, and lies. Shortly before I left for good, I saw members of the church worshipping a eclipse of the moon on a mountaintop in a sexual orgy of boys and girls "making out" together in groups.