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Found 3 results

  1. I posted some photos -- I will post more, organize, and update later, if I get a chance. I took some photos yesterday, but my camera silently failed to read and write the SD card, and I lost them. I've had poor luck with services like flickr, google photos, instagram, etc., etc., especially for "sensitive" conspiracy subjects, so I'm trying to "roll my own" photo gallery so I might stand a better chance of not losing everything, but it needs more work. These are pros putting antennas up. Deals with big-time Realitors, owners of buildings, etc. Not all of it is up to code, if they followed the letter of the law like amateurs are required to. You see, FCC leaves the "pro" radio people alone, while they pound the skulls of amateurs with the sledgehammer of the big law. As long as it's proprietary. A lot of it is required by law to be proprietary, or copy-protected patented trade secret, in fact. Open source and amateur experimentation are both anathema to the radio communications industry. We are well inside the Circle C Ranch, and nowhere near escape with this radio stuff, and throw a lot of overlapping and conflicting, competing patents in the mix, and if you aren't with the BIG BOYS, you don't play. It's that simple. The Thieves in Law, the Mafia, the Bratva got in here.
  2. Hey, I'm part of an indie filmmaking team that's competing in CineCoup Film Accelerator for $1 million in funding for our feature film "Across All Galaxies". It's about a Coast to Coast style radio show hosted by a pompous non believer. Everything changes when he gets abducted... This Thursday, May 7th at 9pmEST we're doing a live video broadcast of the radio show within the film at Anyone with an interest in aliens and a sense of humour will love it. We explain it better in this 90 second video Thanks for checking it out!
  3. MisterMassive1

    -= \/\/orld |\|ews =- (Updated Daily)

    05/27/2014: South Korea and World News Updated Mid-Day Broadcast: Published on May 27, 2014 In the headlines at this hour... Polls show the ruling party is facing an uphill battle in the lead up to the June 4th local elections... as public anger lingers over the government's poor handling of last month's ferry disaster. Korea's 2014 economic growth forecast is revised down by a state-run think tank,... which cited slow consumption as the main culprit. The KDI also called for a rate hold for now. Violence in Ukraine. A night of clashes between government forces and pro-Russia separatist gunmen... leaves dozens dead.