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Found 2 results

  1. Traci Redford named her daughter Abcde. Same last name. No mention of a father. If you watch the CNN video, you can see how the mother (Traci) sticks out her tongue when she talks about her daughter. What's she doing to the little girl when no one is watching? It's positively Satanic to name a child something like that.
  2. Stinger XX

    Homosexual psychotherapy Mark O'Connell L.C.S.W.- R. Quite Queerly Straight Life Cycle/ Queer Life A psychotherapy vignette about navigating traditional milestones as a gay man. Posted May 26, 2017 >>> In fact, my parenting fantasies went well beyond taking home a delicious little baby to make us three. My mind flashed forward eighteen years to having a happy healthy young adult we could visit, share a meal with, hear stories about college, or simply sit on the couch and watch a good movie with. I could think of nothing more rewarding between parent and child than that. What I wouldn’t give to have such a moment with my dad today! I longed for the past and for the future. >>> Miles knew none of this, and only perceived what was available to him about me in the present. He had read about my book and thought I could offer guidance on his impending nuptials with his male fiancé. He was excited about his wedding but could not envision the next step, repeatedly thinking to himself, “Then comes….what?” <<< First day of Muslim Ramadan. Something is really, really wrong here. ... We need to call the cops (or the fire department) and break this party up. Too many gay men together are like crabs in a pot. The water keeps getting hotter and hotter toward the inevitable boil, and when or if one of the gay men leaves the "gay scene" or goes straight and finds a girlfriend, the others pull him back in the pot and shoo his girlfriend away. Then they have him marked as a gay man who tried to leave the "gay scene" and he will never be allowed to associate with women or girls again.... Oh, yeah, that dude does have a girlfriend already ... Wednesday Martin Ph.D. Stepmonster Understanding Skirt Club What can an all-women's sex party teach us about our deepest selves? Posted May 22, 2017 >>> There’s a lot of love for Skirt Club, a roving, semi-secret, women’s only sex party that takes place several times a year in Berlin, London, New York City, LA, and San Francisco. It is no surprise that the event has generated significant interest in the media—after all, sex sells. But what’s less expected is that most of the attendees who come for an evening of unabashed sapphism—club founder Genevieve LeJeune says the group is 5,000 members strong—identify as straight. <<< The trouble with these "lesbian" women who identify as "straight" in that "sex sells" are, err, umm, "selling" that sex to, ahh, err, umm, oh, men. What a couple these two make! Maybe we just need to clonk these shrinks' heads together and make a porno video out of them, or something like that.