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Found 4 results

  1. A children's concentration camp. It's a concentration camp, no doubt about it. Cops everywhere are enabling horrific abuse of minor and adult children by their own parents and looking for "runaways," especially in certain states such as Idaho, Alaska, New Mexico, and Texas. These are not just "immigrants" -- no, this is white familial slavery amongst other abuse too horrifying for the mainstream media to print. I remember when I was a young child how my own parents hated "kids" and spoke so contempuously of other people's children in front of me. I never realized so young how deep and bitter there hatred was even for me their own child, and how that secret hatred grew and grew over the years to the point of numerous premeditated attempts at murder, by poison, gunshot, arranged "accident," and many other methods. They were of the Boomer Generation, who despite their privileged generational advantage of wealth, resented their own parents, the "Greatest Generation" who won the Second World War, and after their heyday of wild parties with all the alcohol, drugs, and sex in the Hippie Era of the 1970s, they resolved to enslave, punish, and torture their own children, not even hesitating at murder.
  2. Several phrases in the copy of this letter attached do appear in an alarming devilish light. "love" "the kindergartners partnered with their buddies from the older class" "BP and Conoco Phillips" "chaperones" "Educator" Those female schoolteachers (and yes that is definitely a non-negotiable prerequisite for being a schoolteacher in America) are so good at cutting hair that not only the boys but even the little girls have "buddies" -- and older buddies at that. ConocoPhillips may be nominally an oil company, but they gross more sales in cigarettes at those gas stations than they do in gasoline. Our car engines are knocking from that bad gas, and ConocoPhillips is knocking off Philip Morris. They are smoking those older buddies up the younger children's buttocks just a wee bit too hard. No good. We have to call Moses on this one.
  3. Nancy Carlson. Henry's Show and Tell. Viking, 2004. Quote: "Henry liked ... getting great big hugs from his teacher, Ms. Bradley." Henry is in kindergarten. He does not need "great big hugs" from his teacher in front of all the other children. To me, that is abnormal. Nevertheless, the author sees nothing wrong with it. I do. Try putting a male teacher in "Ms. Bradley's" position. Maybe a tap on the shoulder to catch the child's attention, or a pat on the back for encouragement, but there needs to be a limit. There appears at first glance to be somewhat a double standard here, vis-à-vis female vs. male teachers, but I do not fully buy into that side of the story, either, because there are definitely more than a few male schoolteachers who get away with far too much affection with children on their part. I think that schoolteachers of whatever sex would be well advised on practical as well as moral and legal grounds to keep their hands off the schoolchildren as much as possible, and leave the "great big hugs" for the parents who meet them on the bus coming home. "Viking" has a white nationalist ring to it, and there is that white nationalist survivalist mentality of ensuring the survival of white children, but something is a little bit wrong with what we are teaching them here.
  4. "Santa Claus" is, of course, a linguistic corruption of "Saint Nicholas." Do children set out milk and cookies for Santa Claus? Really? Ho, ho, ho, a bottle of rum, and a raw egg or two, and the children's speech is so slurred from their adulterated milk that they cannot even distinctly pronounce the words "Saint Nicholas" and it comes out "Santa Claus." And nowadays the cookies contain "edible" marijuana, to boot. Are there gifts under that Tanenbaum / Yule tree? Really? Beggars can't be choosers. How long is that lump of coal keeping you warm? A strange man, disguised in a costume, is fondling little children in his lap. Under any other circumstances, we would not be so charitable. Why at Christmastime? Or is it Yuletide or Winter Solstice?