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Found 3 results

  1. Acrylamide? A ubiquitous organic compound present in trace amounts in practically any food product that is fried, roasted, baked or cooked in any other way than simply boiled raw. "This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer." How much longer do we have to tolerate California courtroom faggotry? Plenty of ladies paint their nails with thousands (if not millions) of times the amount of related toxic chemicals, acetone, acrylic, and related compounds, which do soak in through the skin, and yet they manage to live longer than men for the most part. Don't tell me coffee causes cancer. ☕☕☕☕☕☕☕
  2. They work at all the coffee shops, gas stations, and convenience stores. They swap out the regular for decaf "after a certain hour" and you don't dare touch anything actually labeled "decaf" because you won't wake up for three days and three nights after you drink that kind of coffee. The cops are on strike, to boot. They all drink their coffee, and they have no problem with it.
  3. Leslie E. Korn Ph.D, MPH, LMHC, ACS, NTP Rhythms of Recovery >>>Coffee is a drug, not a beverage. Thus, it should be used like a drug, sparingly and only for specific purposes to alter consciousness, consciously.<<< >>>In my clinical practice, some people who have been sexually abused, or had abusive toilet training practices as children, or who have been conditioned to believe touching their anus should be avoided, (anal retentive) or who have negative associations with fecal elimination, may be resistant to this form of detoxification and need not be pressured but can be reassured. In these cases, it must remain a personal decision about whether to proceed with this method of detoxification. Not everyone will choose to do it ...<<< Caffeine is a mild stimulant and diuretic. If it is anything more than that, I didn't ask for anything "extra" in my coffee. Coffee is not a mind-altering substance. If it is, something else is in the coffee that shouldn't be there. Coffee enemas? Sounds more like a circumlocution or euphemism for male homosexual date rape. That's just too bizarre to be taken literally. Detoxification? The diuretic effects of caffeine might make your kidneys produce a little more urine, but if the coffee is brewed with fresh water as it should be, then non-alcoholic fluids are fluids, and certainly necessary and helpful to "detoxify." >>>Among many American Indians, smoking and cessation strategies are culturally linked to sacred tobacco use.<<< ☮ Same "gal." Sounds more like a homosexual man writing under a female pseudonym. Smoking the peace pipe way too heavy. It's time to go on the warpath over this nonsense.