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Found 27 results

  1. July 7th, 2005 saw the biggest terror attack in Britain in the 21st century. Officially it was the work of four lonely Islamic extremists. But could they really have planned the attack themselves?
  2. A lot of conspiracies revolve around rewriting history. It would be nice to have a section of the forum devoted to such topics. For example, the female pope of the ninth century, Agnes (or Joanna, the name she took when she assumed the papal throne.) The Catholics to this day deny either her existence or her sex. Or the Underground Railroad before the Civil War: no doubt there were black slaves who escaped to the northern states, and there were people who helped them, whites and even some blacks who remained slaves while helping others attain freedom. However it was (and would have been) of necessity a very informal network, and to ascribe it all the name of "the Underground Railroad" implies too much formality. Did the Underground Railroad extend as far as Canada? If a significant number of black slaves escaped from the South and reached Canada alive, where are their descendents now? Canada is "too white," and I don't believe all the history. The numbers don't add up. History is all about wars, and they say that the victors write history. But in another sense, victors don't lie, and lies never win the war.
  3. jaycub30

    gangstalking and voices

    I have developed an alternate theory of what the gangstalking experience could be, as pertaining specifically to the voices you hear, along with the street theater you may feel you experience. I am not discrediting any theories or statements previously developed, I am only creating an opinion based on my experience. I am first going to explain what i believe gangstalking might actually be as pertaining to the voices, second I will explain why we hear the voices, third i will explain why others share similar experiences, and last i will share some of my experiences, and how they leave an open question mark to any theory trying to explain this phenomena. So first, when I hear the voices, i begin to find myself wondering if people really are getting paid off to spend days on end, extensively infatuated with bullying and harassing your every moment. I can see how individuals using electronic harrassment may get carried away because they would obviously be using the best technology ever introduced, in so fact as they can see your thoughts, see thru your eyes and interject at your every thought, but i dont see why they would use this to continuously harass and demean a person. It seems out of context, or maybe like your "contractor" or gangstalker is a real bitter individual. But this is what leads me to believe something else. Im starting to think that the voices are actually a psychological conditioning we've be subconsciously and subliminally live by. What i mean is this, up to a certain age in life, we have been conditioned by media and society to develop a psychological judgement of ourselves. For instance, a person knows hes a drug addict because he does drugs, but he feels like hes subject to being labeled as untrustworthy, delusional and sacrificial to society. As a result, the drug addict becomes aware of himself as a target for these labels, so at some point, because of social and media conditioning, he begins ritualistically believing that people share the same view about him. His family, his friends, neighbors, whoever. So what happens is upon being lonely for a period of time, the person who is a drug addict begins subconsciously feeling these ways about himself due to popular belief. What then happens is we begin hearing voices. The media and society together create a reward and/or a consequence for every action and thought. When you become isolated, you begin to think about yourself, and you start relating wondering what people really are thinking about you. This is where i believe people start to hear the voices. The negative outcomes in general are the ones we tend to focus on the most. Prime example, the news stations on television continue to broadcast depressing, negative events. Society is thus conditioned to be attentive to negativity rather than entertain the fact that good does exist and there is always hope, and not everything is all as bad as it seems. Some thoughts and actions are taken well out of context, but still receive the same judgements and consequences or rewards. For instance, back to the drug addict example, "hes a drug addict, dont trust him." Well he may do drugs, maybe hes not so addicted, and maybe you can trust him. He might even end up being better than most people you know. Yet still, he is a victim of conditioned beliefs which are somewhat inescapable. So why do we hear the voices? i believe that we hear the voices because at some point in our life we began to isolate ourselves from society and doing so caused us to create a world of people who could pass some sort of judgement on you. You could just begin to imagine what theyd think and you become a victim of the conditioning you grew up accepting. You may not believe your really all that against the protocol lifestyle society demands of you, but you know other people do not feel the same. This causes you to wonder and upon isolation begin to develop a conscious image of yourself based on popular opinion. So why do we share similar experiences? This is technical. It depends where youre from. But here in my country we who feel targeted share similar experiences. I believe this is due to the fact that we all watch the same media programming and the same societal instances. In California its just as bad doing heroin as it is in another state. The same type of associations are consistent among society everywhere. In both the media and society, judgements are passed and consequences are made clear. So if you were a heroin addict in one state, its possible you may feel exactly the same way in another state. If you were anything that parallels a criminal lifestyle, even in thought, you would begin to feel as if you might as well be a criminal and accept the fact that you face consequence. Each outcome being similar or the same, we all share the same fear and our conditioned selves are subject to paying attention to the most popular of opinion when it pertains to ourselves. This is why sometimes I believe no one can judge you harder than yourself, as the voices seem sometimes to be very unforgiving, relentless and cruel. Last I am going to explain my experiences and possibly debunk my own theories. When I research gangstalking there is a variety of popular opinion that seems to define gangstalking perfectly, mainly points of views pertaining to a scientific v2k or religious outlook. The reason sometimes why it seems v2k is because the voices are so harassing that I sometimes feel we ourselves wouldnt go as far to make ourselves completely miserable, We wouldnt blacklist ourselves to that degree. The religious point of view of course blames demons, but who knows, maybe its some real priesthood cult, used to control people. Moses heard Gods voices in a burning bush right? Maybe the whole time, there has been a secret cult hiding this from us, since the beggining, they had the power to do this. Maybe technology, maybe spiritual. I tend to relate more often to the religious outlook on it, simply because in religion forums, they include experiences which you dont commonly find in other websites, but you share the same experiences. For instance, I cant cite the page, but someone added that the voices would amplify when around a water faucet or motor or white noise, like the freeway. If it is psychological as my theory states, then its because the white noise could possibly be just a way of causing a person to want to make something more out of it than what the natural noise really is. Another thing is street theater. Street theatre could be a result of slippery slope, that meaning, when you begin to think someones out to get you, you see everyone as a potential threat, and you make a connection given any seemingly convincing circumstance. Then again, the street theatre i feel i have experienced has been seemingly convincing when connected with the voices you hear. Im gonna end it with that. The last paragraph was provided to give an alternate debunking of my theory, as there is no real research which I feel can ultimately explain gangstalking. We may never know the truth. One thing i do want to say is i went so delirious once, I called the dept. of Justice for some advice, It was christmas eve. Dude on the phone tells me, "...Nah theres no such thing as electronic harassment. But check this out bro, (yes he said bro), if your computer begins yelling at you heres what you do. turn it off and unplug it. Keep it unplugged for 15 minutes. If you plug it in and your computers still yelling at you, its time to go to Best Buy dude, but hey man, have a good one, merry christmas." I swear on my mom he said those exact words. I was so dumbfounded I began to feel as if everything was going to remain completely hopeless as far as justice goes. But you get what you pay for. okay everyone. hope you liked, thanks for reading. like on facebook, share everywhere, get information out there. Experiences are research. Fact or not, lets agree with consistency.
  4. I made a post the other day at The moved the thread the hoax section because the thread was linked to a citizen journalism site called before it was news. It was explained to me that only controlled news sources are allowed in post at above top secret and that sources of news reported from uncontrolled news sources are not allowed at above top secret. One of the people said sometimes third phase of the moon is a good source so I said I would contact third phase of the moon and show them the thread at above top secret. They then deleted the thread. So, is the government controlling forums on the internet now? So, citizens do not have the right to report the news and if they do they are not allowed to link to the post in forums on the internet because it is not a controlled news source. That seems fishy to me. Here is a screen shot of the original post I made before it was deleted.
  5. Robert Baird

    How to Make Billions

    There are dangers in the pursuit of power or siddhis as J. Krishnamurti warned his readers. He should know, after having rejected the Theosophical Messiahood. The art of creating a cult is not even close to new, It was not new when Greece was a powerful force in a little part of the world we have been told was the whole of the world. Just trot out some half-known truths and history to people who don't know them. Add a pinch of secrecy and tell them they are 'chosen'; maybe get a song or mantra and a few mandalas from long ago to make a logo and letterhead with - voila! Some people will fool-owe you to the 'end of days'. "It is impossible to understand what is happening in America and the world today without fully comprehending the beliefs, organizational structure, and power of these occult secret societies like the Golden Dawn. The dynamics of these secret societies can only be understood within the context of a multi-dimensional world, along with the power, forces, and entities that come from what has been termed the Fourth Dimension, invisible realm, or what some call the spiritual world. Crowley called himself the “Great Beast 666,” who is the Antichrist in the Book of Revelation. The women he selected to be used sexually he called “Scarlett Women,” which is a direct reference to Babylon the Great Harlot in Revelation. Crowley was deliberately mocking the God of the Bible, not because he did not believe in God, but because he believed Lucifer was God and that is who Crowley chose to serve. When America was established Sir Francis Bacon was the head of the occult society known as the Rosicrucians. Bacon planned for America to be the “New Atlantis” and the head of the New World Order and wrote about this in the 1600s. It is alleged that Benjamin Franklin was a Rosicrucian and a Satanist, and that he participated in satanic orgies and rituals, such as the Hell Fire Club’s in England and France. There exists a secret destiny for America and Franklin played a key role in it. Franklin was also a member of the Order of the Quest and apparently supported Sir Francis Bacon’s secret plan for America to be the New Atlantis. The United States was intended to be an Illuminati Utopia and the Illuminati, as well as the Golden Dawn stemmed from the Rosicrucians." If you get a few friends who want to make money you can rip off The Kybalion (The Secret) or some other simplistic partial insight that promises more wealth (or power) to anyone, you might begin an avalanche of fool-owers and believers. You will need access to suitcases to carry your money just like Hubbard discovered after his lectures in Philadelphia to psychologists and academics. Don't overlook an internet presence and store, people who believe will tell their friends and enemies or anyone who'll listen, how they know something of importance. When you set out to make yourself look important as is the case with alien yoked hybrid nutcases or Contactees, you can also easily imagine or hallucinate new forms of language and ways of making energy flow your way. It is even easier when you are building on purposefully created codes which require insight to get the correct meanings. Yes, that is plural - because no true or truthful insight in alchemy or depth psychology, or gnosis, or cyber war, is just one obvious design. The symbols called alphabets change meaning due to conventions in word use amongst everyday people. George Carlin did a great illustration of that with the word shit. People who hear about an ancient knowledge system will be found saying they are the only true remnants of it. There are the Martinists and Wiccans who claim 25,000 years of knowledge because they can point to some aspect that other people did not know a few years ago. There are hundreds of Druid groups who say the same stuff, and do not study or will not discuss in open forums the nature of their claims with people like me, who do study. Then there are infiltrated religious and other cults which have been usurped by Empire - Gnostics are a fine example. There are so many of just this one functional system that it will make your head spin - that is if you really want to know what it is that is going on. Most people are happy if they meet other people and form a bond or get sex, and Wicca (There are many related Egyptian and Norse etc, systems) is a certain path to the latter. In the aboriginal artifices you had people being tricksters or Heyoka even before the Heathen horde came to dispossess the advanced spiritual people. They also had secret societies like the Mediwiwin and Don Juan's Toltecs and Zotz (vampire) followers etc. Let us take the Australian wise men who may have learned to cause energy to move at great distances. If a novitiate was talented he might move something a mile away and think just because it was more than his teacher - that meant he was better or should start his own cult. Rasputin is a good example of this kind of thinking and how wisdom differs from power or ability. Sometimes a charismatic person claiming great power will get a group think hysteria happening and make a whole cult which generates great power and wealth - but I will leave religions alone - they follow more dogmatic and commonly understood ways to their godheads, Ramas, Anti-Xenus or Yahoos. Often the Messiah (eg. Hitler) is a pawn for more knowledgeable occultists. Channellers have had great success in recent times - and you can become an Ascension guide with just a few courses (for the right amount of cash). Then there are the rip-off artists like The Secret who take just one very small part of a good system like alchemy and millions or billions of bucks flow wildly around. If your cult gets to last long enough you start getting a donation in the estate or will from rich and senile people - then you can retire a billionaire (See SRF and Doris Duke). If you create a nest of cults appealing to a whole lot of New Age wishful-thinking wanna-bes you will get to continue spinning off profit centers in time. AMORC and Blavatsky types (maybe Gurdjieff) are examples, one such spin off is Scientology. The Esoteric online forums had a brief surge of interest, Project Avalon has jumped the Shark too many times but still has hope and makes Ryan some good bucks. You can probably find a hundred other members for this category of cult in the conspiracy network or the fool-owers of James Randi. Here is another - Alternative thinking is said to have more followers in certain regions than the paradigm. This was something I fought for over the last two decades in a major effort. Now I think it is worse than the paradigm. Thinking has not come forward out of questioning authority. Instead we have more politically correct avoidance by even weirder nests of nutcases. It is almost funny except it is causing war, and worse in many parts of the world. Pol Pot fits this kind of outcome which probably included Black Ops just like the CIA rogue elements have done with drugs. The Fascist program almost took total control of the USA and tried a coup of FDR. The Illuminati, the Jesuits, the Rothschilds and such all rank up there in relation to the Big Boogeyman of all - religion. The origin of qabala (verbal tradition) began before the ability to speak and might be connected to the soul or wisdom acquisition of the most early of knowledge systems even before Tantric and sutra sex and dancing (dream dancing or Dirvish-like ecstasy). The ability to attune with wisdom in nature probably precedes humanity. It is cosmic consciousness and has a corollary or opposite which is also part of the truth we find in Abraxas and the Oroborous. This cosmic fire and ice has origins long before Aristotle or his inspired progenitor Pythagoras the Druid. You can see it in the Qabala's Tree of Life which I did for my book Diverse Druids. I hear Icke has been quoting that book of mine, as if I support his serpent stuff just because Druids and others had such totems and the ability to mind fog people such as I once informed him had been done to him. Here are some thoughts on his situation after I quoted Alex Jones calling him insane. At least Icke has the sense to say his aliens are from an alternate universe or separate dimension. The Bible thumpers would have them intervening physically and interbreeding Anunnaki or Elohim are more far out. Rationalwiki needs some physicists to set them straight on what is woo, too. The whole mess is a lot of money-grubbing half-wits who do not study more than what floats their own boat. “” —Adam Wears[1] David Icke[note 1] is a human singularity of insanity best known for his "reptoid" conspiracy theory.
  6. conspiracynut

    Does Bigfoot Exist?

    We're all familiar with Bigfoot and the controversial evidence for his existence - from proven hoaxes to unconfirmed sightings. With science unable to disprove his existence, what's the likelihood that Bigfoot does really exist?
  7. Okay, I want you guys to prove me wrong. I also would love a deep discussion, and points to be added. 9/11 was not a planned event. The twin towers did not fall because congress needed a reason to go to war. It was one of the main reasons why we went to war, but it didn't happen because we wanted to be at war in the Middle East. If it was like that, and the Middle East was easy to give in to war like that, because they hated us. They would've slewed large amounts of slander at the U.S. In hopes that we will not trust our government. Besides, if it was true, we've hurt our selves more for the cost of war than if wouldn't have done it at all.
  8. Kim Jong-un has no problem flaunting his country's military might. But just how much of a threat does North Korea really pose to it's neighbours and the rest of the world? Find out here with Alltime Conspiracies.
  9. conspiracynut

    Do Human-Ape Super Soldiers Exist?

    In February 1926, funded by the Soviet Union, Russian biologist Ilia Ivanovich Ivanov set out on a scientific voyage to Guinea, West Africa on a mission to bring the human-ape hybrid into existence. Has Ivanov's life work opened up the possibility of the existence of Humanzees?
  10. conspiracynut

    Why We Shouldn't Trust The News!

    News networks claim they are unbiased and balanced in their reporting. But it's widely known that there are subtle political differences between the different networks, and they have misreported the facts many times in the past. Should we be worried that they're having a bad influence on people and society? Alltime Conspiracies examines why we shouldn't trust the news.
  11. Loch Ness is Britain's most famous monster. Officially it's a myth - but could it really have been found, and is now hidden by the U.K. government?
  12. Remember Korean Flight KAL007 which went missing in 1983? No? Check it out here!
  13. conspiracynut

    The Biggest Witch Hunt In History?

    The 1950s saw the rise of Senator Joe McCarthy and his notorious scourge of 'subersive' American citizens at the height of the Red Scare. ATC looks at his brief Communist-hunting career.
  14. The Roaring Twenties were significanty defined by Prohibition and the rise of organized crime. However, there is a darker side to the U.S. Government's alcohol laws... Could the FBI really have poisoned innocent people in the name of abstinence?
  15. conspiracynut

    Did Freemasons Create The USA?

    Legend tells of a mysterious man whose rousing speech convinced American delegates to sign the Declaration of Independence. Could the legend be true, and if so who was he?
  16. conspiracynut

    BitCoin and The New World Order

    Is Bitcoin part of a global conspiracy involving the richest and most powerful people in the world?
  17. conspiracynut

    Is Jay Z In The Illuminati?

    Is Jay Z In The Illuminati?
  18. In the 1980s, the government discovered medicine for hemophiliacs was contaminated with AIDS. Despite this, Big Pharma continued to sell HIV-infected medicines to hemophiliacs around the world.
  19. conspiracynut

    Does The Pope Own The World?

    In 1213, the Pope made a treaty with King John of England which gave all British lands to the Vatican. Is is true that the Pope now owns the whole world?