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Found 5 results

  1. Facebook has cracked the TOR protocol, (The Onion Router,) to create a "vanity address," namely http://facebookcorewwwi.onion/ (This is not a normal link: you must use TOR to visit it.) This means without a doubt that Facebook has the ability to help governments, criminals, and hostile nation-states to uncover and expose Dark Web users Facebook accomplished this crack four years ago. How advanced is that company now with its corporate white-collar criminal hacking and cracking into others' private data and information?
  2. "Suggested for you" - ‎11 hours ago Local news. -- A popular [local] business that's been a staple in the community for almost five decades was the target of a Facebook hoax. Interested in [this] city? Yes | No Blatant advertisement posing as as "news" article on Google News. Thumbs down for the whole Google show.
  3. --> --> Prospective voters of shares of corporate stock are "directed" to "east" or "central" domains, apparently at random. Fuckin' shit, dude, it's the Board of Directors, stupid. They ain't gonna be fuckin' voted out, not matter what you say on your ballot, you're a fuckin' total n00b if you think your ballot counts you feckin' idiot. Why ain't you votin' your stockbroker's recommendation, you meathead? You're gonna get run over by a bus or fired from work or diagnosed with cancer at a corporate hospital. ETFs and other passive instiutitional shareholders pat directors and CEOs on the back and vote them a raise at the expense of shareholders in a highly secretive CEO-to-CEO fraternal network. Forget D.C. It's all in New York, dude. The thing is, there's a new Tea Party, and they're bringing back all that exact same shit we threw out at the first tea party.Those Republicans poisoned our coffee and went all-out Brit on us. Starbucks is real estate, man. You're buying a $5 drink for 30 minutes of seat time, service at the drive-through, or whatever happens to be the deal with the local landlord, and if you ain't on the friendliest of terms with the pimp of the district, your coffee's spiked and you get a DUI. Whether "that's how I was raised" or "that's not how I was raised," they've got a rope out with a noose on the end and they complain about you "hanging around," call their buddy Realitors to have you criminal-trespassed off the property for 1 year, 2 years, life, or whatever, it goes on your criminal record even if you ain't even picked up or charged with a crime. Reports of the Tea Party's death are highly exaggerated. Certain Republicans have gone full-out commercial, and the Tea Party is alive and the corporate boardroom. Now that I think about it, that "central/east" thing is European. Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, etc. Oh, yes, for sure they are Sunday-schoolin' tithe-payin' church-goin' Christians. Those Broadridge folks running that proxy vote site, spun off from ADP, a company well known in the U.S. for payroll processing, have got to be the same central//eastern European thieves in law, воры в законе, who broke into the U.S. financial industry. That Broadridge outfit has a total monopoly on corporate shareholder voting in the U.S. The Thieves in Law have gotten into banks, brokerages, and now general corporate boardrooms at large in America. New, more aggressive leaders have taken over the leadership of the Thieves in Law after the death of Mika Brzezinski's father. This is the same old Bilderberg//Trilateral thing, which we have been complaining about all the time, the Polish arm of the European Nazi Party. No Irish need apply, and all God's people say, "Amen." They just don't quit.
  4. How Corporate America Supported Nazi Germany AMERICA'S, USA, FASCISM, FLAG, BUSH, BUSH'S, GOLD, ATTACK, NWO, HITLER'S, HITLERS, HISTORY, AMERICAN, NAZI, DOCUMENTARY, NAZIS, MEN, AMERICA, BUSINESS, REICH, WAR, EVIL, HAVEN, BASE, CORPORATE, WARFARE, PRESCOTT, OCCULT, POWER, CRIMINAL, GERMANY, _____________________________________________________________ ➽ YouTube video: _____________________________________________________________ ➽ other YouTube titles: WHERE IS NAZI GOLD? [FULL DOCUMENTARY] THE NAZIS NEXT DOOR: HOW AMERICA BECAME A SAFE HAVEN FOR HITLER'S MEN THE NAZI GOLD OF THE NAZI UNDERGROUND RISE OF THE 4TH REICH (OCCULT HISTORY DOCUMENTARY) PRESCOTT BUSH - HOW BUSH'S GRANDFATHER HELPED HITLER'S RISE TO POWER OBAMA IN ANTARCTICA USA SECRET NUCLEAR NAZI BASE INSIDE NAZI GERMANY - MARCH OF TIME 1938 HITLER'S AMERICAN BUSINESS PARTNERS CORPORATE FASCISM: THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA'S MIDDLE CLASS AMERICA AND NAZI GERMANY SIMILARITIES, HITLERS FALSE FLAG ATTACK _____________________________________________________________ NAZI, WORLD, DEMOCRATIC, POWER, BMW, MEDIA'S, UKRAINE, GERMANY, HITLER'S, GERMAN, GOEBBELS, COMPANIES, CORPORATIST, FASCIST, FUND, ELECTION, CORRUPTION, MEDIA, STATES, FAMILY, TRADE, ADOLF, DEMOCRACY, GOVERNMENT, SS, HITLER, NAZIS, BANK, BUSINESS, DEUTSCHE, TREASON, _____________________________________________________________ American Nazi organization rally at Madison Square Garden, 1939 More than twenty thousand attend a meeting of the German American Bund, which included banners such as "Stop Jewish Domination of Christian Americans". February 20, 1939. Supposedly 22,000 Nazi supporters attended a German American Bund rally at New York's Madison Square Garden in February 1939, under police guard. Demonstrators protested outside. Aside from its admiration for Adolf Hitler and the achievements of Nazi Germany, the German American Bund program included antisemitism, strong anti-Communist sentiments, and the demand that the United States remain neutral in the approaching European conflict. In May 1933, Nazi Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess gave German immigrant and German Nazi Party member Heinz Spanknöbel authority to form an American Nazi organization. Shortly thereafter, with help from the German consul in New York City, Spanknöbel created the Friends of New Germany by merging two older organizations in the United States, Gau-USA and the Free Society of Teutonia, which were both small groups with only a few hundred members each. The FONG was based in New York but had a strong presence in Chicago. Members wore a uniform, a white shirt and black trousers for men with a black hat festooned with a red symbol. Women members wore a white blouse and a black skirt. The leaders of the organization arrive to open the German American Bund rally. The organization busied itself with verbal attacks against Jews, Communists and the Versailles Treaty. Until 1935 the organization was openly supported by the Third Reich, although soon Nazi officials realized the organization was doing more harm than good in America and in December 1935 Hess ordered that all German citizens leave the Friends of New Germany; also, all the group's leaders were recalled to Germany. Not long after the Friends of New Germany fell out of favor with the Nazis and was dismantled, a new organization with similar goals arose in its place. The German American Bund or German American Federation was established in 1936 to succeed Friends of New Germany (FONG), the new name being chosen to emphasize the group's American credentials after press criticism that the organisation was unpatriotic. The Bund was to consist only of American citizens of German descent. Its main goal was to promote a favorable view of Nazi Germany. The Bund elected a German-born American citizen Fritz Julius Kuhn as its leader (Bundesführer). Kuhn was a veteran of the Bavarian infantry during World War I and an Alter Kämpfer (old fighter) of the Nazi Party, who in 1934 was granted American citizenship. Kuhn was initially effective as a leader and was able to unite the organization and expand its membership. In February 1939 Kuhn and the Bund held their largest rally in Madison Square Garden-ironically, one which marked the beginning of the end for the organization. In front of a crowd of 22,000, flanked by a massive portrait of George Washington, swastikas and Americans flags, Kuhn attacked President Roosevelt for being part of a Bolshevik-Jewish conspiracy, calling him "Frank D. Rosenfeld" and calling his New Deal the "Jew Deal". Three thousands members of the Ordnungsdienst, the militant arm of the Bund, were on hand and fistfights broke out in the crowd among those who had come to heckle Kuhn. Fritz Kuhn, leader of the German American Bund, addresses the Nazi rally in Madison Square. The Bund was to consist only of American citizens of German descent. In front of a crowd of 22,000, flanked by a massive portrait of George Washington, swastikas and Americans flags, Kuhn attacked President Roosevelt for being part of a Bolshevik-Jewish conspiracy. A Nazi guard stands before a massive portrait of George Washington. After the rally, New York District Attorney Thomas Dewey arrested Kuhn on charges of larceny and forgery. New York tax investigation determined that Kuhn had embezzled $14,000 from the Bund. The Bund did not seek to have Kuhn prosecuted, operating on the principle (Führerprinzip), that the leader had absolute power. However, New York City's district attorney prosecuted him in an attempt to cripple the Bund. On December 5, 1939, Kuhn was sentenced to two and a half to five years in prison for tax evasion and embezzlement. After the war, Kuhn was deported to Germany; he died there unceremoniously in 1951. Following Kuhn's arrest, the Bund slowly withered away, until its dissolution on 8 December 1941, after the attack on Pearl Harbor. After the United States declared war on Germany, federal officials began to arrest Bund officials. Kuhn's successor Gerhard Kunze was captured in Mexico and sentenced to 15 years of prison for "subversive activities". Twenty-four other officers were convicted of conspiracy to violate the 1940 Selective Service Act and served prison time. Some other Bund leaders committed suicide before the FBI caught up with them. Although some Bund members had their naturalization revoked and some spent time in prison camps, most members were left alone after the organization was disbanded. There is a reason George Washington is up there and not Thomas Jefferson or James Madison Jr. Fascism was an ideology that emphasized action and heroism over intellectualism and philosophy. This is why Hitler's ideal Aryan concept was a strong, handsome, and physically fit person rather than someone with a mind for civics. Men of action were the ideal example figures. The other part of fascism was extreme patriotism, which is why each nation/group had its own fascist symbolism and mythology. It wasn't like communism where concepts were supposed to transcend ethnic boundaries, but an ideology where each nation had its own flavor. Washington, as a military leader, patriotic father, and someone whom a legend of heroism and virtue has grown up around, was the ideal figure for fascist groups looking to pull a symbol out of American history.
  5. The American public will have much to think about when deciding whether a constitutional amendment that would overturn Citizens United is warranted (“Retired justice speaks up: Stinging dissent on political cash,” Editorial, May 5). One factor that deserves to receive a lot of attention is the increasingly stultifying effect the ruling is having on American politics. Rather than going to centrist politicians favoring compromise, the huge sums of money that Citizen United has unleashed will be directed to help extremists on both sides of the aisle, thereby exacerbating the polarization that has our current Congress frozen in a state of suspended animation. WHAT IS THIS? CLICK HERE! Municipal elections also have been affected by similar challenges: A federal district court last week finally struck down New York’s limit on contributions to independent groups after a lawsuit by a Republican group that wanted to spend in New York City’s 2013 mayoral election. “What you’ve had is a handful of states that have sort of been holdouts,” said Brad Smith, a former Republican Federal Election Commission chairman and a proponent of looser campaign finance laws. The current crop of lawsuits are aimed at those holdouts: the states that have not changed their election laws to acknowledge federal court rulings allowing unlimited corporate and union spending. Read more: A Democratic group with ties to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been quietly working to enforce the controversial Citizens United decision at the state level. General Majority PAC, created last year by longtime Reid Senate chief of staff Susan McCue, has won legal challenges in New Jersey and Pennsylvania over the past year to enforce the Supreme Court ruling permitting unlimited corporate and union spending. The flood of money that occurred following the Citizens United decision will only get bigger with the McCutcheon decision. The effect of these rulings is to give those with the most money the greatest influence over our political process. If anyone doubts the money-influence link look no further than the recent weekend political retreat for 2016 Republican presidential hopefuls hosted by Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire who spent millions of his personal wealth backing Republican candidates in the last presidential election. Justice Breyer wrote about the McCutcheon case that “Where enough money calls the tune, the general public will not be heard." These decisions undermine our Democracy and create the risk that we will turn into an oligarchy - government by the wealthy for the wealthy. I agree with Justice Stevens, we need a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision and let our elected officials in government create sensible campaign funding laws that give all of the people an equal voice.