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Found 1 result

  1. Robert Baird

    Werner Von Braun and Sodom

    Sodom and Gomorrah The National Geographic people trotted out some alien intervention academics recently. I find they have been better than many pandering programs but I cannot forgive this sort of profiteering and building upon the ignorance of people who become more entranced by the idea that the Bible has value or merit as a guide to more Apocalyptic and racist thinking. At one point they had a man talking about the archaeological digs have shown a 2500 year old culture that was highly developed and had many buildings with foundations being all that was left. He calculated that the energy needed to destroy the structures and fuse the pottery with high heat was equal to 68natomic bombs. Aside from the fact that 25,000 years earlier in Dolni Vestonici we had ceramics with this level of heat - what atomic bomb was he talking about? The yield of energy from an Atomic Bomb such as hit Hiroshima is only five kilotons. There are conventional bombs called bunker busters with ten times that force. There is not any evidence of radioactivity here or in India where other religious dogma describes what appears to be similar. The half life of radioactive bombs is well known and any bomb would be measurable today. I cannot blame the ignorant people who accept some god or alien (Elohim, Oannes, Anunnaki etc) had this power and man never did; thus they give their lives and souls in exchange for 72 virgins or kill true and intelligent students of the Merovingian adepts like Solomon. After all - we have had millennia of the wisest and most powerful people telling us this crap! Caves of Hathor Abydos and Phosphorus: Probably even before Sodom and Gomorrah were burnt and destroyed by the conjunction of the tar or pitch pits all around it coming in contact with Phosphorus slush we had advanced sciences all over this planet. Sometimes it was kept secret according to Rosicrucians or The Great White Brotherhood of Master Craftsmen with their everlasting lamps. Sometimes we lost it in great cataclysms which almost wiped out humanity (8350 BCE for one). The tubes with hoses going to them are for phosphorus (I suggest) to light up the caves which could not have art drawn on the walls and ceilings with any other explanation. There is no residue of burned oil or candles and no one has shown a mirror light reflection system capable of lighting up the caves - but that is a possibility. You can check out the explanations of Lumir Janku and others I have made for the varied depictions for other glyphs and you can be certain I know science and esoterics have many alternative explanations. Science existed for all these depictions without resorting to the 'easy answer' of alien intervention or gods did it. Once man knows his gods have been lying to make themselves powerful we might start working towards our true Divine Providential Purpose (Logos). Yes, phosphorus and Greek Fire or Brown's Gas and at-one-ments are not new. Attunements such as I have developed in books on the Harmonic (Logos) and Tesla have many ancient sources. There are other even weirder possibilities and some which even include alien contact or information transfer - but I can explain them all with known science man developed throughout his evolution. And another recent show trotted out a wormhole in a Lake near where my aunt had her cottage and we went as we grew up - Lake Michigan. This show even showed David Hatcher Childress has gone along with the money madding crowd and I saw him debasing himself by suggesting something I could agree with if it was presented without the alien intervention connotations. BUT - and this is a big but - with academia repeating religious and colonial or imperialistic history - how can man build Brotherhood and love of each other or all soulful life? The Cradle of Civilizations is my target as the most vile and egregious myth mankind has or is suffering through. I hope I live long enough to see my efforts get more traction, but all the alien TV Shows and movies about mutants (I also explain the science of creation in terms of hybrids including Neanderthals. Which is finally being proven and accepted.) and the Ainu - but more work is required. Werner Von Braun - the Alien: Yes, the History Channel is like the emperor with no clothes or the pulpit-pounders passing the money-plate. It has almost no credibility and anything it says must be triple checked and understood before passing it along as evidence - for anything. To quote Nick Pope and not present proof is the same kind of thing they do on shows like Ancient Aliens - it is easy to get talking heads or prostitutes (if there is a difference) to say anything for money. Heck, H. G. Wells was a best selling author and secret society member admired by Hitler and his Bulwer-Lytton derived group who called Hitler the Messiah. He wrote a book in 1901 that showed man on the moon. I turned the show off at this point and I imagine they went into Tesla calling himself an alien - which he did. But like myself - Tesla said that sort of thing before he learned other explanations. He later went with de-materialized dimensional travel as an Harmonic potential with his friend Vivekananda. There were many people who presented designs and calculations for ballistics before Von Braun. In the 18th Century one of the most prominent Americans called Benjamin Thompson developed rifling techniques to reduce drag and friction. FDR called him one of the three most important Americans of all time, you probably have not heard about him. As Count Rumford he is the equal of Thomas Jefferson and I did a book on them called Tuckahoe Mud. There is not one full size book on Rumford and you will seldom hear he was an alchemist. In his era an Italian alchemist made designs used by the Russians in their Sputnik program. You have seen designs of many things including helicopters from Leonardo - and seeing through time as well as the Philosopher's Stone is known for millennia to people like me.