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Found 9 results

  1. Facebook has cracked the TOR protocol, (The Onion Router,) to create a "vanity address," namely http://facebookcorewwwi.onion/ (This is not a normal link: you must use TOR to visit it.) This means without a doubt that Facebook has the ability to help governments, criminals, and hostile nation-states to uncover and expose Dark Web users Facebook accomplished this crack four years ago. How advanced is that company now with its corporate white-collar criminal hacking and cracking into others' private data and information?
  2. The unexamined rape kits: The DNA cheek swabs for even the most minor infractions allegedly committed by men. The computer databases of men's DNA maintained by police and various law enforcement and crime-fighting organizations. The "expert witnesses," exempt from the usual rules of subpoena, who are paid to appear in court, and not required to reveal the particulars of their proprietary methods. The ladies of the street who feel sexually harassed and dig in men's shorts at law for DNA samples. The sperm banks, the paternity suits, the demands of strange women at law for alimony and child support, etc. The DNA "match sites" attested in court, slyly likened to internet dating "match sites," subtly implying to the jury that the defendant may have visited such sites on the Internet. The "odds" reported so many million to one, as if the ladies were playing BINGO at Finn Hall. The "witnesses" who so conveniently "come forward" to accuse these men when the ladies check their horoscope after completing the crossword puzzle in the daily newspaper. The innocent women who get no justice when they are raped because of a system that punishes innocent men and shields the guilty. The 93% percent of U.S. prisoners who are men, and the Delilah-like lust to put the man, that man, any man, all men, in prison. 7et s'il a délivré le juste Lot, profondément attristé de la conduite de ces hommes sans frein dans leur dissolution
  3. Less than 1% of rapes lead to felony convictions. At least 89% of victims face emotional and physical consequences. We need facts. The emotions expressed with percentage points don't cut it. at least 89 percent of victims report some level of distress, including high rates of physical injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety and substance abuse. Err, umm, sorry about the romp between the sheets, lady, if I may say so on behalf of some poor bedfellow of yours. It sounds like a wild party, you were all doing drugs, and the guy just wasn't that into you. Or else you expected money for sex and he didn't understand that was supposed to be part of the deal. Yes, I know. Break-up is hard. Just not enough crisp greenbacks to make up for that emotional hurt and pay for your next drug fix. Brett Kavanaugh is a tough judge, isn't he? Same same. All women are victims, all men are offenders, especially if they are intact or uncircumcised. These liberals classify transgender individuals as men, as otherwise that would infringe on the right of native-born ladies to perpetual distress and universal victimhood.
  4. Man charged in pepper spray attack attempted to recruit others to ‘storm’ Anchorage gay pride parades Hate crime? Terrorism? No. The guy is carrying pepper spray and he's drunk. The cops have to spray each other with that stuff in training anyways before they carry it on duty. He just needs to go to the drunk tank and sober up, and the gays need to go home and take a shower. Do they still have all their teeth? Nobody needs to serve time in jail. ‘Between a rock and a hard place’: Volunteers clear out longtime Anchorage homeless camp Okay, sure, kick them out of the camp if it's private property, but to name names and swat them with the newspaper? Just a little bit on the extreme side, and it sort of makes sense in twisted criminal-minded a way, because this is what they had that other guy take the fall for. We've got some real Nazis here, but they are NOT the ones being arrested and charged by law enforcement.
  5. A "Humanzee." The Ku Klux Klan is here. These stories are (I suspect) not quite real, but sort of an allegory put forth by white nationalist militias, ku klux klan, etc. about white people marrying those of other races. "Miscegenation" they called it in the 1800s: the word is hopelessly old-fashioned, but they are cloaking the same concept in newer language and allegories. What a bunch of grand dragons and duchesses! Cue the white hoodies and the burning crosses and the lynch mobs. It just goes on and on, and they just don't quit.
  6. The entire sex offender "registration" system has got to go. For some of these alleged "sex offenses," especially certain willful, intentional, and repeated acts against children, we need life imprisonment without the possibility of parole in order to ensure public safety. Public safety, however, is clearly not the goal with this system. It is a form of house arrest or imprisonment that allows conjugal visits from ladies off the street. The ladies have cell phone "apps" nowadays to locate nearby registered sex offenders. The tabloid-level notoriety only advertises the availability of these men for the ladies. Ladies who consort with registered sex offenders are not only a public nuisance but dangerous themselves, although they are not subject to this particular male-only "system" themselves. In this same vein, let us eliminate various "endorsements" and "restrictions" from our drivers' licenses. The motorcycle endorsement. if you learned how to ride a bicycle as a child, are able to operate a motor vehicle and follow rules of the road, and have insurance for liability and personal injury, you do not need the Harley endorsement. Your choice of motor vehicle or alleged association with others who drive the same type of vehicle must be divorced from any concept of "who you are." The commercial driver's license. The licensure for your particular occupation or employment does not belong on the I.D. that you must have for driving your personal automobile, other personal travel, personal purchases of alcohol or tobacco, seeking employment in other fields of work, or for any other purposes than driving a commercial vehicle. Your occupation is not "who you are." You do not want to advertise your occupation or field of work every time you must present your I.D. for something. The corrective lens restriction. Vision and vision tests are highly subjective, and whores have been putting out eyes since the days of Samson. Enough already. None of that garbage is legitimate, and all of it needs to come off the I.D.
  7. The liberals are at it again. That's your choice: if it's a girl, get an abortion or die! If it's a boy, skin his penis or die!
  8. It's getting really old. The straight sex-for-money racket in the corporate mainstream media. LGBTQQIAA. Lesbian --> $$$, ladies, women, girls, hot, Hot, HOT !!! Gay --> I mean, come on, dude, you haven't slept with a woman in so long, you're like, GAY !!! Bisexual --> like really, really hot ladies !!! Transgender --> Oh, are you low on testosterone? Fuck, we've got 'roids, and ladies who will solve that "problem" for you !!! Queer --> Well, you're weird. All these hot ladies, and you haven't take them up on it yet? Are they too expensive for you ??? Questioning --> Are you sure about that? Maybe you're "love-shy" and you need a professional sex therapist !!! Intersex --> Fuckin' shit, come on, dude, you just need some 'roids! The ladies love this stuff !!! Asexual --> Oh, you just haven't met the right lady yet !!! Alternative --> Asian, exotic ladies, BDSM, oh, yes, we have it all for you. Might cost you a bit extra, though !!! It's getting really old. There really are people who are LGBT, but they are far in the minority, and the straight sex-for-money folks run over them like a herd of elephants.
  9. Some of you have been manipulated and tricked into a situation, in which you have unknowingly helped to damage a true elected God's servant. I am him and at the same time the only person that has explained the point in human life and the essence of a perfect human society. The reports shown to you about me are untrue. If thousands of trillions of Euro were given for the creation of negative public opinion about me and the bad development of my work, it will be so. And you must understand this. Because my brain was 15 years under impacts (I have realized everything only during the last year, all the years some bad things were going on and I could not have believed that all the normal people including the closest ones and Christians could have had something in common with that) and all the treacherous Czech people were sent to lie to me, I have made some errors in my writings, of course. How could I not to make them, correct? The main one was some exaggerated thoughts regarding Hellish people. However, they exist as well as their secret signs in movies and some occasional soul stealing. But I have started to see it everywhere instead of somewhere only. You must understand, that the same kind of people that has already managed to convince the public about so many smaller or bigger lies is also able to convince all of you against me. Can we all agree with that? Excerpt from "Simple Strategy": "If you want to do something evil to somebody and to gain the agreement of the whole human society for this, first all the people must have a bad meaning of that guy, which is easy to arrange. The best convincing proofs are (own wrong actions of that person and) videos, but these must be made by such a way to make it impossible to discover that they were created artificially, in other words that they are a fake. There are many ways how to create these videos and the most efficient one is to make the guy do or say something what will call out the feelings of dislike in the eyes of the public. Then the folks will agree with what you will do to that person, or, in some cases, with what he will do to himself. Once you have affected his brain (by harmful energies and by chemical stuff like it was in my case), he will behave, write and speak in a worse way than before and something of it can cause him to be disliked by the public. Just as a matter of interest, there are ways how to make a mother hate her own child and to beat it, in exceptional cases even throw it out of the window. Of course, there is no need to add, that the public would then dislike such a mother and would believe any bad words, documents and videos about her..." Another interesting thought: Imagine a powerful organization that hides a terrible evil. Normal people are totally stupid and they will never find out. And, suddenly, there is one only man who is not stupid fully, but only partly (= me). And who starts to discover that evil and apart from it he explains some spiritual things better than all the current teachings known to the public. And so the organization ridicules and breaks him in front of all the totally stupid normal people and it will convince them that it does not hide any such evil and that the man claims nonsenses. And even if that man stands all the pressure years longer than how it was originally supposed, and he works further, despite it he fails and that because of the last one what he has never expected and what he has never managed to imagine: Because of the 100% betrayal of all the normal people who were not only totally stupid, but moreover also totally treacherous. Regarding the criminal activity of that Organization, I will mention this: Abuse of children and young people; the concealing of important pieces of knowledge of human psychology from the public (for instance those related to relationships); abuse of the influence of songs and movies on the viewer's subconscious; impact on the development of religions in the way to be limited and not giving people the whole truth; artificial creation of war conflicts (and terroristic actions) in our history; the making of selected victims go crazy; the hurting of some animals; the ruining of some relationships; the creation of so-called "exceptional victims" (even those "created to order"); occasional soul hunting (I know, you do not believe in this); the prevention of the inception of a better social system, and other. In view of what these Hellish people have committed during last thousands of years, I believe that accordingly to the official laws of their own Organization and accordingly to that of mine they deserve the punishment of "turning over" (including all the relationships) & "self-mutilation" (or, if you like, "self-destruction"). Pieces of wisdom as a sample - Preview of articles Please excuse the low level of the language, I do not speak English well. Health Care: The Perfect Social System: Solution to Suffering: Own Self, Family and Children: The Development of Human Thinking: Compassion and Bonds in Music: Relationships and Harmony: Thank you for your attention.