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Found 1 result

  1. The Wild One

    Grocery Store Chains

    Gov influence in retail In America you might notice gov. influence and occult influence in many of the major retail agencies across your nation. Food is obviously an important resource but it seems also a tool with many uses in the course of mass manipulation. Many of you will notice that these seeming corporate entities are nothing more than gov sponsored programs designed to ensure a goal in the efforts of people who are powerful to manipulate the general population. This power derives itself from knowledge outside and typically superior to the general populace in areas of spiritual, physical, and mental understanding. Beyond the service of humans it derives from intel call what you will that is also greater and typically interested in long term objectives outside the scope of typical human measure. All these things are deeply applied in your food for you are what you eat, and given most of you are eating poison you can tell why gov. control of retail food outlets is a priority. The end goal is to use this as a vehicle to also aid in population control, and further genetic manipulation. Genetic manipulation is in the realm of service to non-human design while the destruction of the population serves people/non-human elements to symbiotic ends to see decenters killed. It will also ensure people are dependent on a singular power structure, and that is why if you work at any retail outlet dealing in food service you will find a great deal of gov. influence in those areas. Publix/Wall Mart would be good examples in America of gov. controlled food supply. You will at these organizations notice a hidden system of promotion based nothing on ability, or business model that make sense. This is because in truth the foundation is set on motives having little to do with actual business, and more in line with gov. agenda. They understand by printing money and being secretly in the service of gov. they have endless money because they print it.. lol Further evidence of mass manipulation is seen today in the virtual non hiring of full time associates in retail outlets. This is due in part to the companies knowing in the near future a planned economic downturn will cause them to loose many employees so to manage cost they aren't willing to hire and spend the money to train new associates they know may not be around in a year. While they understand the economic downturn is premeditated they don't know exactly when it will occur and based on a given estimated time table have drawn back full time hiring. They are now waiting for the collapse to then hire like crazy with a new currency to produce huge growth. This will entice people to not only accept a new monetary system but to be glad to throw off the old system. Just a little knowledge for you guys.. What are your thoughts? The Wild One P.S. Also Union based business designs and hierarchy are typically gov. sponsored systems masked as companies. They typically will have bought out the original founders of the company and use them as a way to legitimize the program as being part of the original name. Yet in name alone they're the same past that they're no different than the DMV.