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Found 4 results

  1. Bob Dylan fooled the world for decades claiming to have written many of the melodies to his hit songs when in fact most of the melodies were from preexisting songs that he did not write, including Blowin In The Wind. In a last nail in the coffin scenario James Damiano's movie "Eleven Years" draws the straw that breaks the camel's back, rivets Bob Dylan to his secret past of plagiarism and rewrites musical history"......Virtue Films No artist can lay claim to the controversy that has surrounded the career of songwriter James Damiano. Thirty two years ago James Damiano began an odyssey that led him into a legal maelstrom with Bob Dylan that, to this day, fascinates the greatest of intellectual minds. Since auditioning for the legendary CBS Record producer John Hammond, Sr., who influenced the careers of music industry icons Charlie Christian, Billy Holiday, Bob Dylan, Pete Seger, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Ray Vaughan , James has engaged in a half a billion dollar copyright infringement law suit with Bob Dylan. As the curtain rises on the stage of deceit we learn that CBS / Sony international recording artist, Bob Dylan not only used songs and lyrics written by James Damiano but also solicited Mr. Damiano's materials for a period of over ten years and eleven months. As per Judicial filings Bob Dylan's name is credited to the songs. One of those songs is nominated for a Grammy as the best rock song of the year. Ironically the title of that song is Dignity. "It is publicly and judicially uncontested by Bob Dylan and or Bob Dylan s law firms Manatt, Phelps & Phillips , Parcher Hayes & Snyder, Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, Hecker Brown and Sherry, Sony House Counsel icluding Mary Jo White, Orin Snyder, Steven Hayes, Johnathan Liebman and Peter Parcher that Bob Dylan and people in Bob Dylan s entourage have solicited James Damiano s songs and music for over ten years and eleven months. Bob Dylan's Stealing of James Damiano's Songs Bob Dylan's Stealing of James Damiano's Songs .
  2. First of all, I do not believe in cremation. It is against the Christian religion to be so quick to destroy evidence of homicide. So. The dead deserve a respectful burial. But funerals are EXPENSIVE. The coffin alone costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a wooden box that is put on view for a day or two, and then buried in the earth. The preparation and embalming of the body is too expensive, as well, and there is too much "make-up" for a proper viewing of the dead. There is too much professional molly-coddling, boozing, and schmoozing of the bereaved relatives in funeral homes. There is too much professional event-planning and organizing and directing of the automobile traffic of bereaved, distraught, and sleep-deprived drivers, who then proceed to create even more business for the aforementioned funeral home. Such wastefulness and vanity are not respectful of the living and the dead. A funeral parlor is not a church, and those who hold and attend worship in a spirit of death rather than a spirit of life cannot be considered Christians. It is unseemly for the driver of the hearse to get a speeding ticket on the way to the cemetary. This whole issue had become a major problem in my former church. The community was very close-knit, and at the same time had grown very large. There were too many funerals, and they were too well attended. As a consequence, people became too comfortable with death and the general concept of death, and as some families inevitably feuded with others, and developed deep and unresolved disagreements, they became too comfortable with the idea of causing death, i.e., committing premeditated murder, in an attempt to resolve their disagreements.
  3. Zbigniew Brzezinski recently died at the age of 89. He was a major figure in founding the Bilderberg Meetings and the Trilateral Commission, two major New World Order organizations. This was an extremely powerful man in international affairs, and he definitely had an agenda with serious backing from very powerful parties completely unknown to the general public. I do not like that his political discussions and debates took place behind closed doors away from the watchful eyes of the public and the news media. This is another example of someone feeling the heat from conspiracy forums and alternative media. There is a certain line of thinking, that "Well, he's old, and we really don't want him to talk, so we'll just let him go." I do not like this business.
  4. Why does so much of the Elite's symbolism refer to Saturn? Why do ancient cultures around the globe describe the environment and sky as vastly different than it is today? Were they just wrong about what they were seeing or have we been kept in the dark? Today's guest on everyone's favorite conspiracy podcast, Troy McLachlan, has been trying to answer those questions and more in his book and subsequent website entitled, "Saturn Death Cult." Troy looks at various systems of weight and measures, the enslavement through a tilted economic model, the writing of our ancestors, and alternative models of Universal principles to nudge us towards the secrets these shadowy masters might be hiding. The conspiracy of all conspiracies! Troy's Website: Sign Up for THC+ to hear an extra bonus hour with all our guests starting August 1st: