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Found 2 results

  1. I am under spiritual attack by alien/demonic forces. This has been ongoing for the past 14 years. They have complete control over my body now. They manipulate my body and my vehicle. They have even made some of my personal property disappear. I have not given these beings any legal access to me or my home, therefore they are in violation of Spiritual Law. I believe I was targeted because of my devotion and service to humanity. Most of my work revolves around service to others. However, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for me to work under these circumstances. These beings have been hell bent on ruining my life. I believe what I need is mass prayer from many people, pastors, ministers, priests, and their parishioners so that all of the hosts of heaven will hear their prayer and their plea. Please pray for me and ask your members to do likewise! Look in the direction of the Federal Government for many of these "Spiritual" attacks, i.e., the military, Area 51, CERN, HAARP, DARPA, Dulce Base, etc. Also look to the Vatican, the Jesuit Order, and Knights of Templar. Many of these angelic beings are merely ET's with control agendas that are in cahootz with governments and illuminists around the world, particularly here in the U.S. These are transhuman hybrids (men & women who have been vastly augmented and changed by reptilian advanced technology) that are a part of the alien controlled military industrial complex. They often trail me in nondescript helicopters. The shadow government has been given technology by certain dark alien groups (Zetans) that allow them to possess people. I believe they are using remote influencing technology on me (see articles below). They present the facade that it is a demon, but is in actuality exotic electromagnetic technology being used by transhuman reptilian hybrids that are members of the military (US-UK). They channel messages to humans using Turing grade-like technology. That’s right, many of these channelers are channeling messages from A.I.’s. – Artificial Intelligence. Angels don't fly over your home and follow you in helicopters, but "transhuman" agents of the hidden government do. This is why they don't come out with disclosure. They don't want us to know these things. Please do your own research. Google and YouTube is full of this information. It's time to WAKE UP and spread the word before it is too late and we are all doomed by rogue governments. We are merely a colony of advance beings (Aliens, ET's). These beings gave us all of the world religions. PLEASE WAKE UP!!! Spread the Word!! Wake Others UP!! References:
  2. Published on Apr 8, 2014 Embark on a journey of discovery and delve into the fascinating, mysterious and, at times, controversial world of paranormal investigation. Based mainly in New England, New Gravity Media touches base with some of the regions most respected paranormal researchers, mediums, scientists, skeptics, and of course... ghosts. NGM brings you an in depth "behind the scenes" look at the subject that has the world afraid to sleep alone. Created by Michael J. Baker - Anthony Z. Monti & Joanne Harritos Discover the true science of paranormal research: