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Found 7 results

  1. Well it seems that many of the false flag shootings are being blown open for the fraud that it is. This video shows links to the shooters, and fake intel corporations that executed these fake attacks. It is also important to note and we have known this in my own circles since early 2000 that fema plays a major role in organizing in America these events. The Wild One
  2. False flag in Germany! After getting caught terribly doing false flags in America offending pretty much everyone in the entire nation and proving that the intel network/gov we love is full of traitors these coverup false flags across the globe in Germany have been the band aid of a globalist political agenda to make it seem these shootings are "everywhere". Yet this shooting as the ones in America are lies, and absolute lies! We can see in Europe that the same show of BS to corrupt their own culture is taking place. Seems the people of the world have a common problem, and it has tried to hide itself for along time. Yet ego and poor judgment have shown it to the world for us all to know we are being lied to on a massive scale by very evil individuals who are no doubt united in a common union against the world as a whole. Seems the intel agencies lie the same as the CIA in America. Interesting how seemingly different intel groups commit crimes as if they work for the same people. The Wild One
  3. The shooting in Orlando Florida is a hoax. It is easy to determine this is an intel op. The operation is conducted in coordination with a variety of intel agencies controlled namely by one governing financial interest. Fueled by corruption at the highest levels globally we have witnessed a massive increase in false flag attacks in a common linked agenda. This false flag is designed simply to destroy the law of the nation and replace it with a corrupt law. These leaders are a sort of dictatorship which maintain plans to dominate the population of America, and destroy the sovereignty of this nation. Superpowers don't serve globalist interest which is why Russia was a model for the destruction of superpowers. In America we witness the same set of agenda playing out. One major part of this is to disarm the American population it is imperative to do this because the people who plan on taking over want to use force to keep people in line. The populace being armed is a problem in this coming to pass thus we see this horrible lie playing out on the global stage. This shooting at a gay club is a blatant lie and false flag done by no other than the CIA, in combination with a number of other agencies. The general goal is to disarm the population of Americans. After that they will then force Americans to take on more and more unjust laws in a effort to completely put in place a dictatorial style governance of the nation. The Patsy as usual is a lone but essential element in placing blame on the parties without any part in the incident. Youtube is filled with a controlled spectrum of chat on the topic pointing fingers in all the wrong directions. Yet you here know the truth it was done by globalists design and executed via intel agencies who incorporate groups of people who have political alignments to take on such action without much deeper thought as to the real implications of what they are doing. Sadly the internet is an invention of the very structure controlling the lie thus much if not all media is blatantly lying on all fronts about this to promote the unjust laws this will be used to prop up. The Wild One P.S. Everything if you didn't know on the news in all modern nations is garbage. Don't watch it!
  4. The Zimmerman Shooting was a hoax - Truth
  5. This is a video I made from a clip in a recent speech from Obama about the Oregon Shootings. Check it out and leave your opinion/
  6. The Alex Jones show continues to allude that he has intel from reliable sources that there will be another false flag or terrorist attack around 9-11-14. Any predictions? Any thoughts? The Feds have warned of a terrorist attack. So, is it a real threat? Or is it a false flag? Or is it all BS? Yes, hes a nut job, but a great nut job. And a hell of a lot of fun to listen to. Thoughts???
  7. It's definitely happened before, the US training and arming rebels to fight their wars for them. The whole 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend' philosophy. Evidence is mounting that looks like we did the same thing by training ISIS.