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Found 4 results

  1. Well it turns out after our very well publicized false flag shooting in Orlando that is an easy to spot fraud new gun laws are being rolled out. Given the very large scale of the lie and the poor planning people in droves across the United States believe everything about these attacks to be a lie. Thus the gun grabs have been short of successful. Yet the motive of these gun grabs is to destroy the 2nd amendment. It is also to then allow the very obvious dictatorial rule of the nation. Given this attack has been a failure in the fact everyone has only witnessed the clearly satanic lying nature of the leadership in power we can assume more lies to pile onto this topic to move toward the goal of disarming Americans. No we have a new lie It seems these guys are motivated to do whatever they can to get guns out of Americans hands. It is clear that they want to because they have a desire to do harm to groups of people within America. One possible motive is they want to start a civil war as a mean to destroy America as a superpower, and this could be what drives this entire lying show.
  2. MK ULTRA A stupid name for a very criminal intel organization designed to serve not only intel because as I've taught all intel services work against the interests of host nations and only for the interest of the powerful groups that actually run them. Many of whom are connected to occultism, and the worship of evil. This is very obvious given the various false flags we currently have witnessed. These events need MK Ultra because this organization sets up to frame people who are planned to be set up to take the credit for the actions others have actually undertaken. In America we can witness MK Ultra at work in various patsy individuals who have comprised the many false flags in recent years designed to destroy the constitution aka civil liberties of America. MK ultra pretty much breaks within the American gov. every law that is written. They pick many patsy's for example from illegal spying or in some cases because they have exposed the illegal acts of these guys. In my own life because I do undertake exposing these many lies I have to deal with MK Ultra on a regular basis. It is for myself a great tool to gather both evidence on the illegal actions of these groups by provoking them to expose themselves. Thus documenting the many crimes they commit not only against their own people but the world. Psychological manipulation is the key to MK Ultra, and they work in tandem with all tech advancements towards their agendas globally. Good examples of MK ultra are included in the following youtube video. The Wild One P.S.
  3. Alright just wanted to put this in because it's interesting but global intel operations across all major western powers in so far as the illegal ones against people's own country's have a slow down period every year. We have come to be able to correlate the operations of global intel structure directly to the Bilderberg meetings. This means that the false flags we are seeing are directly connected to these meetings. The guys in Intel take orders and follow the aims not of the nations they say they serve but these guys. This is the truth like it or not. We can see when Bilderberg meets, and that intel operations go into a slow period because they leaders within these communities of liars/traitors are waiting for the new orders they will have coming out of these Bilderberg meetings. So the recent false flags guess who planned them out? The guys at the Bilderberg meeting. So for those paying attention take notice of these meetings because many of the illegal news media nonsense, and false flags directly correlate to these yearly gatherings. The Wild One P.S.
  4. This is a thread dedicated to helping confused global skeptics. First let me start by telling you that all major conspiracy outlets, and the majority of small outlets relating to conspiracy are 50% truth and 50% crazy nonsense. The purpose of everyone of these outlets is to be a bait. The idea is to when people identify a lie draw them into these outlets to associate them with a crazy idea thus smearing curious individuals by association to the fraud pretending to not be line with the globalism agenda. To start this Conspiracy con's thread we will let you in on something you already know.. Alex Jones is not your friend. Here's the main bait of truth to lure people into Mr. Jones.. - BAIT = 911 is a fraud which most will agree is obvious and generally accepted - Smearing Tactic of audience = Make Alex act like emotional basket case that goes off rails, with insane rants that make no sense, and pepper in allot of lies to ruin audience who prescribes credibility and integrity via association to this purposely iterated act.