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Found 1 result

  1. I am a new membr. I have never done anything like this posting on a forum before. That is how big this story is how important it is. Those who are targeted in group stalking campaigns would benefit greatly from my story... I fell afoul of the New World Order (don't ask me how; it takes so little to get on their TI list) several years ago, and those were truly hellish years. My job in a shoe store became unbearable as it became patronized solely by the worst customers imaginable. My internet was hacked at least ten times, and my bank accounts robbed (actually money just went POOF and vanished like it was never there). Stores either refused to serve me, or they just made certain that any needs I had were rigorously ignored, I was kept waiting for several hours at checkout, even though there were no other customers about. When my computer was hacked once again and stuffed with horrible pornography, so that it could not be made to work, I was forced into a period of living off the grid under an assumed name. But still THEY found me and continued to make my life hell. Each time over these last years, I was forced to try hiding. I changed my name at least a dozen times, but THEY were always ahead of whatever pathetic game I could come up with. And don't ask me about how meticulous my record-keeping was---THEY still managed to mess it all up. But Fate eventually threw me a lifeline. I was handed a scrap of paper with an email address on it and told to contact its owner about my problems. I wrote and got a reply. The email owner was a man with friends in very high places. He was friendly and thus influential with high-ranking members of the Freemasons, Illuminati, CIA, FBI, and even several members of the British Royal Family. He said that he would plead my case with some of those friends for a fee of $1000. If I wanted to be absolutely sure the stalking would end permanent, I was to pay $5000, for greasing the right palms, he said. His paypal link ended the message. I was to pay that way. Of course now that I think about it the offer seemed weird maybe a scam. But I was despeerate enough to go to a loan shark to get the money together all $5000 and within a week after I payed him, All the stalking stopped. Harrassments stopped. And I was able to pay off the loan shark really fast too. This guy's the real deal. He helped me, he'll help you. don't ask him too many questions. He can stop the stalking or make it worse.