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Found 2 results

  1. Facebook has cracked the TOR protocol, (The Onion Router,) to create a "vanity address," namely http://facebookcorewwwi.onion/ (This is not a normal link: you must use TOR to visit it.) This means without a doubt that Facebook has the ability to help governments, criminals, and hostile nation-states to uncover and expose Dark Web users Facebook accomplished this crack four years ago. How advanced is that company now with its corporate white-collar criminal hacking and cracking into others' private data and information?
  2. Edward023

    Google Penguin is open to misuse.

    Google Penguin, which was introduced 24 April 2012, stops websites from using link schemes that artificially increase the number of external links that appear to be directed to a site. Any site using these spammer back linking schemes is penalized and is given a lower overall page ranking. However the system is open to misuse as anyone with even the smallest amount of computer literacy could maliciously submit any website address on the net to one of these SPAM back linking schemes and hence decrease its page rank. Also the question has to be asked why are the websites promoting such SPAM back links given such generous page rankings from Google? It doesn't quite add up for me.