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Found 2 results

  1. 2401 SQUARE

    The crime-scene DNA scam

    The unexamined rape kits: The DNA cheek swabs for even the most minor infractions allegedly committed by men. The computer databases of men's DNA maintained by police and various law enforcement and crime-fighting organizations. The "expert witnesses," exempt from the usual rules of subpoena, who are paid to appear in court, and not required to reveal the particulars of their proprietary methods. The ladies of the street who feel sexually harassed and dig in men's shorts at law for DNA samples. The sperm banks, the paternity suits, the demands of strange women at law for alimony and child support, etc. The DNA "match sites" attested in court, slyly likened to internet dating "match sites," subtly implying to the jury that the defendant may have visited such sites on the Internet. The "odds" reported so many million to one, as if the ladies were playing BINGO at Finn Hall. The "witnesses" who so conveniently "come forward" to accuse these men when the ladies check their horoscope after completing the crossword puzzle in the daily newspaper. The innocent women who get no justice when they are raped because of a system that punishes innocent men and shields the guilty. The 93% percent of U.S. prisoners who are men, and the Delilah-like lust to put the man, that man, any man, all men, in prison. 7et s'il a délivré le juste Lot, profondément attristé de la conduite de ces hommes sans frein dans leur dissolution
  2. I think it's crazy that I could easily have people pointing at me calling me an unstable, conspiracy theorist, a person who just straight up needs psychological/medical attention, and possibly even a straightup LIAR! How could I do this? By video taping the satellite that follows me right when I walk out my front door.... and very closely where ever I go..... and then as I go back home again. I can prove to you that i am being literally being used as an antennae. I once had atleast 9 of them in all directions closing in on me. Some has blinking lights, some had one light that didnt blink. Some flew over my head, some stayed in place, and some stayed hot on my trail- I take a step to the right, it shifts a small space to the right too. Not only are you literally being COOKED ALIVE FROM THE INSIDE OUT, teased, antagonized, tormented, physically-mentally-& emotionally being hurt, and totally alone becuz ur entire family is just a pawn for them as well and sold u out..... your only friend you have there by your side is that MFing satellite. It is always there...spying in on you. Watching you. Sending info. about u to the super comp. Even when ur in ur house u know if u open ur curtains his bright light is smiling in the sky. Not a good bright light either. That light is an imposter. One of God's Angels who fell from the top. Atleast ur new BF was nice enuff to walk u home tho rite... and I turn all their negativity into a positive by saying as loud as I can..."THANK U SO MUCH FOR WALKING ME HOME!! I KNOW I WILL ALWAYS GET HOME SAFE WITH U UP THERE HOOVERING OVER ME!" XOXO, MEGZ