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Found 9 results

  1. >>> Amber-Lee Friis, a 2018 Miss Universe New Zealand finalist, has died, her talent agency confirmed. She was 23. >>> "Our sincere aroha and condolences to Amber-Lee's family and friends. R.I.P beautiful lady." >>> "Our sincerest condolences to the friends and whānau of Amber-lee Friis, whom we have just learned from The Talent Tree has passed away.<<< Too many "whoms" and people are full of shit on all that service of process.
  2. r_burgeson

    LED lights

    You may be aware of LED grow lights. Might know the blue lights in homes everywhere are suspected of damaging eyes. There is no reason that they cannot produce full spectrum lighting with LEDs. Matter of fact they can produce a sun bulb with a little effort. Be aware that sunlight bulbs have been produced for years in fluorescent lighting. They know and can synthesize the light from the sun when the atmosphere was healthy and the suns output was optimal for life to flourish and this planet. They have all this data and there is no excuse not to use it.
  3. F-16

    Disease X alert

    Disease X It is on the list of WHO's "blueprint" priority disease watchlist. Feared to cause a global pandemic. I don't like this blueprint. There are rumours of biological warfare. There is a smear on the African-American researcher who may have escaped a very quiet CDC quarantine. That's Atlanta, Georgia. Deep South. The WHO doctors are too white, just like their lab coats, and the diseases they study are too dark, like the skin of their subjects. There is too much focus on Africa, and not in good faith on the part of the doctors. The doctors are deflecting attention away from Europe and its history of horrible plagues of all sorts of diseases with mass mortality, which spread around the world from Europe in the Middle Ages, from their horribly unhealthy lifestyles that were strictly and harshly imposed by law and custom.
  4. Stinger XX

    NSA Mental Hospitals

    We already know about the NSA mental hospital near Fort Meade, Maryland, at Spring Grove Hospital Center, a.k.a. Maryland Psychiatric Research Center, 55 Wade Ave, Catonsville, MD 21228. I was told they had a gas chamber there. Now that the NSA has opened a new facility near Salt Lake City, more mental hospitals are springing up and shrinks and shysters are becoming more aggressive at prosecuting "civil commitment" cases in Utah, as well, particularly in Cedar City, Iron County, at the so-called "Iron County Children's Justice" center, 545 S 225 E, Cedar City, UT 84720, located conveniently near a great number of psychiatrists in law and mental health practitioners at law. The elevation there is above 8000ft, enough alone to cause dizziness to those who are not used to it or who smoke or are out of shape or have any lung conditions such as asthma, emphysema, or chronic bronchitis. I am wondering if the high elevation affects the judgment of those shrinks in the same way as those "autoerotic" practices of asphyxiation which are sometimes ruled as suicide by coroners and medical examiners.
  5. Through your journey to enlightenment, chances are you have grown to understand the consequences of overexposure to fluoride & have become ready to make a healthier lifestyle change. If you wish to know more about the dangers of this chemical, you could do some reading here Otherwise, shift your focus & undivided attention towards learning about 5 simple proven steps that has helped me & many others to reduce fluoride consumption. I promise you, your life will change forever. Be slaves no more.
  6. So, on the radio they said the USA is number one in medical treatments. Yes sad but true that is what is going on. Plenty of treatments and 0 cures. The only thing US medical systems are good at ifs collecting money. So, good in fact that have most of the country locked into life long illness and treatments. Most of these treatments are dangerous and cause the need for further treatments. It cracks me up when they read off a long list of side effects and talk garbage for half a minute then start another long list like the first list doesn't exist. I urge other countries around the world to not adopt a medical system like the one we have in the United States.
  7. Guest


    I'd just like to know as much as you guys know about this, really. If it's engineered, what's the point? Who is it targeted at? Is it just one of many weapons in the plot to depopulate third world nations? I watched House of Numbers and it was very interesting. But the film itself just confirmed my suspicion that scientists do sell-out and they do become tools for the corporatocracy. (it's here, if you haven't seen it already) But I just wanted to hear some other view points.
  8. Maybe somebody would find it interesting
  9. Scientists claim they found a cure for anorexia nervoa. Basically they say a brain implant can be used to aggrivate people's appetite and mood. The scientists conducted a research experiment to back up their claims. Inserts from the article: Six patients, all women with severe anorexia nervosa aged 24 to 57, were in such poor health that they agreed to enroll in the risky treatment pilot study at the Krembil Neuroscience Centre in Toronto, Canada. The brain implant surgery was conducted while patients were awake, which allowed surgeons to get sensory and emotional feedback from the patients during the process to make sure the electrodes were stimulating the correct brain region. After placement in the appropriate part of the brain, the electrode brain implant was connected to a "pacemaker" device that was inserted under the skin near the collar bone while patients were under general anesthesia. Ten days after the surgery, the pacemaker was turned on and began to deliver periodic electric pulses to the brain implant in the subcallosal cingulate cortex, an area implicated as a target for deep brain stimulation in severe depression. The patients were observed for months after surgery, and after nine months, three of the six patients had experienced their longest period of weight gain since the onset of their anorexia nervosa. None of the six lost any weight, and most reported a significantly better mood and quality of life, with reduced anorexia symptoms like depression, eating disorder rituals, and intense food and weight preoccupations. Two of them were able to successfully complete an inpatient eating disorder treatment program for the first time after the surgery" (Ashik Siddique, 2013) ----------------------------------------------- What do you think? Here is the link to the article: