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Found 4 results

  1. DANGER/PELIGRO O/X POISON X\O Area and/or commodity under fumigation, DO NOT ENTER/NO ENTRE. THIS [ ] AREA [X] BIN [ ] RAIL CAR [ ] STRUCTURE [ ] SHIP HOLD UNDER FUMIGATION WITH WEEVIL-CIDE(R) PHOSPHINE (Hydrogen Phosphide) This sign may only be removed by a certified applicator or a person with documented training after teh commodity is completely aerated (contains 0.3 ppm or less of phosphine gas). If incompletely aerated commodity is transferred to a new structure, the new structure must also be a placarded if it contains more than 0.3 ppm. Worker exposure during this transfer must not exceed allowable limits. NAME OF CERTIFIED APPLICATOR "Joe Cates" ADDRESS "340 SW BLV K.C. KS" PHONE "913 8313477" 24-HOUR EMERGENCY "911/18002221280" PRODUCT NAME/ Weevil-Cide RESPONSE TELEPHONE NUMBER EPA REG. NO. 70506-14 "until removed" A.M. DO NOT A.M. AMOUNT FUMIGATED P.M.___ DATE___ OPEN BEFORE ____ P.M.___ DATE ___ PRODUCT USED ___ 423 Riverview Plaza, (U) UPI United Phosphorus, Inc. Trenton, NJ 08611 TELEPHONE 609-3928200 A rather unusual weevil did jump up on my computer screen as I was typing the above notes. Black body, rather long jagged black antennae, orange eyes, about 1/4" long. It didn't seem to be bothered by the Weevil-Cide, nor did the flock of wild geese who were helping themselves to the spilled grain at the abandoned granary. Said grain could not have been brought in by a train, because the weight-bearing surfaces of the rails were rusted and pitted, and evidently had not borne train traffic for many years. The abandonment of a granary is odd, because we are presently having a great deal of trouble with the storage and transportation of grain harvested in the United States for domestic use or export. I also saw some brand new rail cars for maintenance sitting at that depot, but these were odd, too. Fire extinguishers were padlocked down and useless, but all sorts of fragile hydraulic valves and hoses were exposed and far too easily damageable on those rail cars. I suspect that Union Pacific Corporation (UNP @$110.57 per share after hours May 26, 2017) is having serious financial difficulties, in that the corporation is totally dependent on organized crime, and as for any railroad company, especially prostitution, for its continued profits and solvency. This dependency is continually enforced and deepened over the years by the Chicago Mob. Note that all rail lines lead to Chicago or Washington, D.C. in the U.S.A. The company is claimed to have a "reasonable" debt-to-equity ratio of 0.7622, but with so much unusable equipment that is probably on lease, I suspect that when off-balance-sheet financing is properly included on a true balance sheet, and when assets are properly written down, the company's true situation is dire.
  2. Did Osama bin Laden really die in 2011? TERRORIST, DIED, BIN, GOVERNMENT, BURIED, WAR, OCEAN, GRAVE, EVIDENCE, US, KILLED, PROPAGANDA, LADEN, CONSPIRACY, KILLER, MUSLIM, BOMBING, ALIVE, DIE, KILLED, QAEDA, KILLER1, BURY, FOX, HOAX, SECRET, GOVERNMENTS, SYMPATHIZERS, AMERICANS, CAVES, THEORIES, CONSPIRACIES, EXECUTION, PROTECTION, PAKISTAN, DEATH, BUSH, THERMITE, DRONE, DESTROYED, ISLAMIC, OSAMA, NAVY, KIDNEY, PRESIDENT, AIRCRAFT, RELIGIOUS, TERRORISTS, SECRETS, TOWERS, SEALS, ISIS, TAPES, FORCES, TOWER, 9/11, 2001, _____________________________________________________________ ➽ YouTube video: _____________________________________________________________ When US forces finally tracked down terrorist leader Osama bin Laden -- living in Pakistan, likely with support of the ISI -- he was killed and, according to the official story, buried at sea. So why doesn't everyone believe this is true? _____________________________________________________________ ➽ When did Osama bin Laden actually die? _____________________________________________________________ Osama bin Laden was a super-villain concocted by Western intelligence to take the blame for the orchestrated terror. The phantom Osama bin Laden was a skeleton key opening the door to foreign intervention in the middle east, or anywhere Al Qaeda might be. The motive is simple -- ever-expanding wars. The deception continues at home with the creation of a totalitarian state supposedly meant to combat terrorism. So rotten is the "big lie" of the War on Terror, that the most iconic events of the period are the most contrived. The official story about the killing of bin Laden disintegrated in mere days, as no one could keep the story straight. _____________________________________________________________
  3. The Zimmerman Shooting was a hoax - Truth
  4. So we are supposed to believe that a reasonable looking young guy, with obvious signs of wealth and a semi-famous father with connections couldn't lose his virginity and therefore went on a killing spree. So lets pretend for a second that he couldnt pick up some random for sex (very unlikely given wealth and reasonable looks) Just pay for a whore. Problem solved. Post on Craigslist etc. As to the video:- OMG What bad acting! If this was real, he would have passion, rage, anger!!! About to explode!! Not a boring, "Its not fair. sniff..." And a very poor supposed evil laugh. Apparently he left a so called Manifesto behind. Called "My Twisted World" Matthew Keys has published it here Ive read some of this, its a bit hard going. A teenager decides he wants to ban sex because he cant get any. Then less than 24 hours later one of the fathers of the victims takes to the news to blame..... the NRA (National Rifle Association) attacking gun rights etc etc. Fancy that! Elliot's Youtube Page:- and his Facebook:- Wow guys, scroll down to Facebook likes, books section. But the first one.. 1984... Films. The Matrix. Batman Dark Knight (you know the Sandy Hoax one)