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Found 5 results

  1. Funding Terrorism Is Treason GABBARD, SYRIA, QAEDA, GOVERNMENT, ISIS, SYRIAN, WAR, ASSAD, TULSI, OBAMA, FUNDING, US, TERRORIST, TRUMP, RUSSIA, REBELS, AMERICAN, FIGHTING, TERRORISTS, CONGRESSWOMAN, HAWAII, REBEL, WEAPONS, Name & shame the traitors who fund Al Qaeda. Name & shame the traitors who fund ISIS. ➽ YouTube video: US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has proposed a bill that makes it treason for Americans to provide material support for Al Qaeda and ISIS. ____________________________________________________________
  2. I was talking to a friend who works for the British Border force. He was talking about a migrant they had caught who kept telling him that ISIS were responsible for Brexit. He said that ISIS have been attacking Europe by sending terrorists over with the migrants and that they wanted Britain to leave Europe so they can invade Europe without Britain being able to stop them. Has anyone else heard of this?
  3. There's a lot of talk about ISIS or whatever they are. I'll chuck up some of what I've read so far. The so called 'terroist' group are made up by the government to try and set our minds away from what's really going on with the world. There in no doubt is something higher up than the government, such as a 'secret society' of some sort, is planning out how to take over the world with their New World Order. One of the first steps they have to take is to decrease the worlds population by around 90% or so. Now I reckon a good way to do that would be to make up some bulls**t terrorist organization that apparently goes around blowing everyone up. Photos of apparent 'suicide bombers' that had apparently blown themselves up were plastered all over the media. A few weeks later the people who blew themselves up were found alive and well. This so called terrorist group is also apparently responsible for the Paris attack in November. Some of the victims that survived had seen some of the shooters and say they had a white, american, mercenary look to them. So now they're using trained, professional military soldiers to gun innocent people down? Its making me mad writing this. And im baked as anything but there we go. Do a little research into it. It doesn't hurt to know what's coming for you! Peace! ✌
  4. It's definitely happened before, the US training and arming rebels to fight their wars for them. The whole 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend' philosophy. Evidence is mounting that looks like we did the same thing by training ISIS.
  5. A lot has been said about this infamous terrorist organisation in the last few months. But do you really know who ISIS are?