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Found 1 result

  1. My original message to Governor Bevin, from 1-11-2016, was posted here: Due to discussion that was had within that thread, it’s best to post the link to the original discussion, than to try to re-post everything here. Be SURE to read my first letter to the governor before continue reading, since I cover stuff in the first letter that I do NOT cover in the 2nd letter AND the Order in which you read everything is IMPORTANT. Here’s my second message to Governor Bevin, that just went out today: Hello, once again, Governor Bevin, The Zeroth Rule of Law dictates: "Say as Little as you have to Until you have to and When you have to, be Meticulous with your Choice of Werds." - Zeroth Rule of Law I realized my first message opened a can of worms that I did not properly explain and it’s wrong of me to lead you into a trap, which was a trap that I did NOT mean to lead you into but it is a true trap, nonetheless; thus, the need for this follow-up message. The Judges have ALL been given a Power that many have been abusing and it’s known as Contempt of Court. When the Judges were a Law Student, they were ALL taught the #1 Rule of Law and to NOT take it personal and if it ever is personal, to get someone else to handle it for them; but then they get their Law Degree and it goes to their head; then they pass their Bar Exam and get their GOVERNMENT License to Practice Law and they are finally calling themselves an Attorney AT Law, esquire, and it goes to their head even more; then along comes a Robe, a Gavel, and Nameplate, then that goes to their head even more than their Law License did; then they are handed ABSOLUTE POWER, in the form of a Contempt of Court charge that many Judges THINK they can use to ACCUSE, then CONVICT IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS, when that IS NOT THE CASE; that judicial practice VIOLATES THE RULES, known as DUE PROCESS. When a Judge PERSONALLY ACCUSES anyone of ANYTHING, they have immediately taken it personal, irregardless if they aren’t/haven’t, so they CANNOT Rule/Judge on their OWN PERSONAL ACCUSATION. That violates the DUE PROCESS that’s BUILT INTO the #1 Rule of Law but that’s why that Rule is harped-on so much, it’s that IMPORTANT, but today MONEY and PRESTIGE have TAKEN OVER as MOST IMPORTANT; GREED has taken over UNDERNEATH, even in the form of CUTTING CORNERS, which is basically Greed involving Time, but EVERYONE knows that TIME IS MONEY, or so they THINK. The same is true with Federal Judges, they are ALL cutting edges they aren’t supposed to be cutting and one way they are doing that is by reading their Magistrate’s Pre-Order FIRST, digesting it COMPLETELY, then speed-reading-through the Complaint/Motion/Document associated with the Pre-Order, while SPECIFICALLY LOOKING FOR WHAT THEIR MAGISTRATE TALKED ABOUT, then once satisfied their Magistrate got it Right, they sign-off on the Pre-Order, which is backwards of how they’re supposed to be doing it but that’s because doing it that way LEADS the Judge THE ENTIRE TIME and USUALLY, if the Magistrate does get it WRONG, the Judge won’t CATCH IT, the Judge has already had the wool pulled-over their eyes from within by reading their Magistrate’s Pre-Order FIRST, which is why they aren’t supposed to do it that way, but it’s S00000 much EASIER and FASTER to do it that way; plus, heaven forbid the Complainer submits a Motion of Reconsideration, because once THOSE TYPES HAVE SAID NO ONCE, it’s a WASTE OF THEIR TIME TO READ YOUR ADDITIONAL MOTION, so they will just sign off on their Magistrate’s Pre-Order and continue DOING BUSINESS AS USUAL and the Complainer is FUCKED!!!!! The Federal Judges are supposed to read the submitted Complaint/Motion/Document FIRST, digest it COMPLETELY, then read their Magistrates Pre-Order LAST and to try to ascertain if their Magistrate got it right or not, all the while the Judge is not supposed to BUY-OFF on anything their Magistrate says; the Judge is supposed to play Devil’s Advocate with their Magistrate, they are not supposed to be buddies-on-paper, it’s ALL-OUT-WAR when it comes to paper, everything else is buddy-buddy, or We the People are FUCKED!!!!! But Louis Carroll explained that to ALL OF YOU in the Hunting of the Snark, but I see this world’s academic scholarly minds haven’t been able to figure-out what that story is about, yet they manage to get everyone to believe they know the truth about all kinds of other stuff, to the point the sheeple buy into their intellectual bullshit. Ha! Ha! Ha! Riddle WE tHis: In the eWe-kNight’d States, what’s the difference between a Judge and a Lawyer? Answer: A Robe, a Gavel, and a Nameplate. Most of the Lawyers on the Bench have been abusing their position but that’s because MOST are DUMB-AS-FUCK but that’s what happens when there is NO BENCH EXAM in place to out the dumb Lawyers, instead, that’s what we end-up with, a bunch of DUMB Lawyers on the Bench calling themselves a Judge and those types will ALWAYS ENSLAVE THEIR COURT, like Judge Olu A. Stevens has done, and THOUSANDS of other Judges WORLDWIDE have been doing the same thing. Here’s a PERFECT example of how a Judge DID NOT take it personal: That Judge only made one mistake and that was she ABSOLUTELY did not take it personal but in not taking it personal absolute, she missed the fact the man obviously needed psychiatric help and she should have issued a 30-day Mental Evaluation Order for him to get help and 30 days was needed, that man has obvious anger issues, he was before the court for an Attempted Murder Charge and then he’s telling the Judge he’s going to KILL her and he spouts that several times, but the man never put his words into ACTION/MOTION, thus, they were just words and nothing more and that Judge UNDERSTOOD that, she also caught the man was off his rocker and assigned Defense Counsel, in direct opposition to what the man wanted but the man was obviously not of a sound mind and when they are not of a sound mind, the Judge has an obligation to protect the individual and that Judge did just that, she covered the man’s butt nicely and the Judge NEVER ONCE TOOK IT PERSONAL, but it doesn’t take much to get Judge Stevens to take it personal and if you listen to the video CLOSELY, you will notice a change in the Judge’s demeanor and voice, ONCE THE MAN’S ATTORNEY IS GONE. If you listen closely, you will hear Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde showing-up and when that shows-up, it’s without a doubt you have a Judicial Abuser on your hands and he doesn’t need a 30-day mental evaluation to help him sort out his problems, he needs a 60-day stint in the Pokey; that will correct his attitude, quite nicely, that, and being Impeached and possibly Disbarred at the same time. He will have 60 days to think-over his past indiscretions to understand where-all he went wrong, so that when he gets out of the Pokey, he will be a NEW MAN. That’s what Justice is supposed to give We the People, Justice is supposed to be giving We the People NEW SOULS DIRECTLY out of Jail/Prison, not BIGGER MEANER CRIMINALS. Jail/Prison is supposed to be about Rehabilitation and when either will work to provide such, then they are supposed to be used but if there’s another method that will work, that does not violate the Rules, it is preferred, since FULL RESTITUTION is what Justice is supposed to be TRYING to give We the People, not RETALIATION, but when you have a Judge on the Bench that’s taking it personal, Retaliation is what We the People end-up getting and all that method creates is Bigger Meaner Criminals and that DOES NOT work for We the People, it’s working against us, that’s why ALL of the BAD Judges need to be removed from the Bench and Judge Stevens just setup ALL Judges worldwide for a Judicial CLEAN-SING to GO DOWN. It’s TIME for the Fat Lady of Justice to SING!!! Judge Stevens is a wake-up call to ALL governments worldwide, if YOU will do YOUR JOB Governor Bevin, and Impeach that PIECE-OF-SHIT Lawyer on the Bench parading as a Judge. The other Judges worldwide, that have ALSO been abusing their power, MOST will get the message but the FEW that don’t, they will be outed fast and REMOVED by decree and that problem will FINALLY be resolved; the GREATEST PROBLEM WE THE PEOPLE CURRENTLY LIVE UNDER, BAD JUSTICE! “A nation of sheep will soon have a government of wolves.” - Edward R. Murrow “A nation of Sheep is always formed by a government of Wolves, disguised as Lawyers and calling themselves your Savior.” - Old Toad Proverb Plus, proper order needs to be FULLY established so that Judges will no longer CROSS THAT LINE but educating the People PROPERLY is the KEY because when the People don’t know any better, they will allow the Wolves free-range amongst them and the Wolves will feast on the smorgasbord of ignorance, like the Wolves have been doing, calling themselves an Attorney AT Law; the GREATEST EVIL ON THIS PLANET. Money is not the Root of ALL Evil, Lawyers ARE. Lawyers are GREEDY by nature, that’s why they are always supposed to be confined to the Bar so they do not infect the rest of the world with their EVIL POLITICS: Revelations 20:7 “When the thousand-year reign of Christ/Christianity ends (Byzantine Empire), the devil lawyer shall be loosened from the Bar to occupy the Benches and Legislatures to ENSLAVE the world with their EVIL POLITICS.” I see the Lawyers of this World have done a great job hiding what happened in Egypt when the Pharaoh kicked-out ALL of the Lawyers; Egypt PROSPERED GREATLY, ALL Prospered, DISPARITY DISAPPEARED!!! “Politics sources directly out of the Lawyer.” - Old Toad Proverb "Peace cannot be kept by Force; it can only be achieved by Understanding." - Albert Einstein “A patriot to the politics of government is a traitor to the People of the World.” - Old Toad Proverb “Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.” – Albert Einstein “Nationalism is n0thing more than Parentalism/Nazism occupying the governing bodies of tHis w0rld, creating a governing body of-and-4-the-parents, which will always enslave ALL of the Children of tHis w0rld, irregardless their age, gender, or origins.” - Old Toad Proverb “In a world controlled by law, there are two types of peeps, Lawyers and Bait; and in a world where the Lawyers specialize, even the Lawyers are Bait.” - Old Toad Proverb I see you do not know what’s going down, Governor Bevin. It’s not the End Days going down, that already went down almost 2000 years ago. Today, it’s the Final Days going down, Rev 20:7-10, and you’re right smack-dab in the MIDDLE of it, although it’s the End Days of the Final Days, since 700+ years of Revelations 20:7 have already passed but such is the nature of BEING in the MIDDLE of ANYTHING; the Middle also includes the near-beginning as well as the near-end. That’s what Judge Stevens did to YOU, I’m not responsible for sticking you in the middle of this MESS, I’m just the Messenger, not the Message. It’s now up to YOU to DO THE RIGHT THING; for you yourself personally, and for Kentucky, and for the United States, and for the rest of the World. "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people [sheeple] who don't do anything about it." - Albert Einstein Governor Bevin, are you aware that Federal Agents nationwide are getting State Court Judges to sign Federal Warrants? I hope you understand the Separation of Powers Doctrine, which dictates that when a Federal Warrant is signed by a State Court Judge, that Federal Warrant IMMEDIATELY becomes a State Warrant and a Federal Officer cannot SERVE a State Warrant, they can only SERVE Federal Warrants, so ALL Federal Warrants signed by a State Court Judge are about to be TOSSED and ALL affected WILL BE SUING. That’s going to cost the United States BILLIONS, then there are ALL of the ILLEGAL Search and Seizures that have been going down that are also about to be TOSSED and those involved will also be suing, and those Illegal Search and Seizures involve ALMOST ALL Search and Seizures involving Motorists on the public highways, since Traffic Laws are NOW a Civil Crime, they are NO LONGER CRIMINAL, and to have Search and Seizure Powers over ANYTHING, a Criminal Crime HAS TO BE ASSOCIATED with the situation or the Police do not have Search and Seizure Powers over the CIVIL situation but the CORRUPT STATE LEGISLATURES made Traffic Laws Criminal to begin with so as to give their Police Search and Seizure Powers over INTERSTATE COMMERCE on their highways, which is ILLEGAL, besides being Unconstitutional, but the SEDITIOUS State Legislatures have been getting away with MURDER THEIR ENTIRE EXISTENCE, to INCLUDE the State Legislature of Kentucky, which is about to FALL, along with the REST; ALL ARE FALLING!!! “Everything should be made as simple as possible but not any simpler.” - Albert Einstein “Everything should be made as simple as possible but kNot beyond necessity.” - Old Toad Proverb Governor Bevin, I see you do not understand Constitutional Franchise Doctrine, which dictates that CERTAIN words are COMPLETELY off-limits or MASSIVELY CONFINED as to their use and ONE of those words is CLASS, another is SUBJECT, and NEITHER may be used in such a way to DEFINE One of We the People or Some of We the People or All of We the People, nor can those words be used in a way that COULD be misconstrued as to be reflective of One of We the People or Some of We the People or All of We the People. With that, Kentucky, along with SEVERAL other State Legislatures, have ENSLAVED their People UNDERNEATH by CLASSIFYING them into GROUPS of CLASSES known as County Classes and Municipal Classes and ALL State Legislatures that have DONE THAT TO THEIR PEOPLE, they are about to be brought-down to FULL Territorial Condition by Presidential Executive Order, to include all States whose State Constitution starts off with “We, the People” instead of “We the People” and to understand the why’s of that statement, read this (read all): If you do not gain direct access to the thread, the “Registration” page you end-up at is a Fool’s Trap, in that there’s a link at the bottom of the page that you can click-on to by-pass registration and to gain access to the forum without registering. So if you end-up on the Registration Page, just scroll down to the bottom and look for the link that lets you in without registering and once in, read my Opening Post and all Replies, especially the reply I declared was the Winner; then, just afterwards, I explain everything to one of the dumbasses that showed-up, with the use of a handful of memes, so be sure to click on ALL links I include in my posts, they are ALL important. “When courting a pretty girl, an hour can seem like a minute but sit on a red-hot ember and a minute can seem like an eternity. That’s Relativity.” (Open System Theory of Relativity) - Albert Einstein “Everything is Relative to SourCe and SourCe is Relative to Everything.” (Open System Theory of Relativity) - Old Toad Proverb The States that will be brought-down shortly by Presidential Executive Order are: 1. Any State that has ever REPLACED their Constitution WITHOUT submitting it to Congress for Article 4 approval (see: Hans vs. State of Louisiana (1890)). Hans had NOTHING to do with the Eleventh Amendment, it was an Article 4 matter and Martin Luther from 1849 was CONTROLLING. Seminole vs. Florida (1996) also NEVER REACHED to the Eleventh Amendment, it was a Territorial Clause matter and the ONLY 2 Sovereigns in that matter were Congress and that Indigenous American Tribe, the State of Florida is NOT Sovereign over Federal Territory within their State. Congress is the only sovereign government over Federal Territory matters, along with ANY TRUE Sovereign that may RESIDE within the Federal Territory, so the State Legislatures are NOT sovereign over Federal Territory within the borders of their State and to assert an Eleventh Amendment bar, you have to be sovereign over the matter to BEGIN WITH; thus, the United States Supreme Court DISRESPECTED a TRUE SOVEREIGN and that was NOT wise to do but that Court has a HISTORY FULL of disrespecting sovereigns. 2. Any State that has defined their Citizens/People by Classes or called them Subjects in their Constitution or they have used any other inappropriate word(s) incorrectly in their State Constitution. 3. Any State whose Constitution starts off with either “WE, the People” or “We, the People” or “We, the people” or “We the people” instead of EXACTLY “We the People” or “WE the People” or “WE the PEOPLE”. 4. Any State that has either of the words “Commonwealth” or “Republic” associated to it Officially in their State Constitution, other than the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico; and/or any State that has either of the words Commonwealth and/or Republic associated to it Officially on their State Flag, other than the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. In the United States, there are 3 types of Government Possessions: Unincorporated Territory belonging to the United States, Incorporated Territory belonging to the United States, and States belonging to the United States. From that, the Fifty United States can only call themselves a State and only the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico can call itself a Commonwealth, and that’s because Congress formed the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, specifically, whereas the Fifty United States were formed as States, thus, they can ONLY call themselves a State, they MAY NOT call themselves a Commonwealth nor a Republic, they may only call their Sovereign State Corporation a State. 5. Any State that has defined their Governor as the “Commander and Chief” for ANY reason whatsoever. Only the President is Commander and Chief, the Governors are the Chief Executive Officer of their State and NOTHING MORE!!! The Intrastate Commerce Powers of a State DO NOT EXTEND BEYOND THEIR BORDERS, so they CANNOT HAVE DIRECT ACCESS TO A MILITARY FORCE or an individual State can plunge the ENTIRE United States into WAR and that does not qualify as a UNITED STATES; instead, that qualifies as ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT and the Dick Act of 1903 and subsequent similar Acts, Federal & State, are about to be RESCINDED by Executive Order as well!!! 6. Any State that has established State Military Power in their Constitution. The President and Congress are the ONLY ones with the Power of WAR, the National Constitution took that Power from the States, but it’s just like Hamilton said, in the 28th Federalist: “The obstacles to usurpation and the facilities of resistance increase with the increased extent of the state, provided the citizens understand their rights and are disposed to defend them. The natural strength of the people in a large community, in proportion to the artificial strength of the government, is greater than in a small, and of course more competent to a struggle with the attempts of the government to establish a tyranny. But in a confederacy the people, without exaggeration, may be said to be entirely the masters of their own fate. Power being almost always the rival of power, the general government will at all times stand ready to check the usurpations of the state governments, and these will have the same disposition towards the general government. The people, by throwing themselves into either scale, will infallibly make it preponderate. If their rights are invaded by either, they can make use of the other as the instrument of redress. How wise will it be in them by cherishing the union to preserve to themselves an advantage which can never be too highly prized!” Hamilton was speaking of an Ideal Setting but that’s not what we have. The Persons tasked with keeping Hamilton’s PROMISE, they call themselves a U.S. Attorney or a Federal Court Judge and MORE THAN 90% of them have received their Law Degree from a State Law School; a GOVERNMENT OWNED AND CONTROLLED Law School that’s TEACHING the Lawyers ALMOST PURE Statesism in their curriculum, which are KEY U.S. Supreme Court Decisions that were HAD PRIOR to the 14th Amendment being Ratified and put in place, like Martin Luther vs. Borden (1849), but ALL pre-14th Amendment Pro-Statesism Decisions were OVERTURNED by the 14th Amendment but the CORRUPT CROOK Nazi Lawyers on the Bench won’t give We the People our Country BACK FROM THE LAWYERS, they have MAINTAINED LAWYER OWNERSHIP instead of acknowledging that the 14th Amendment FIRMLY established SOVEREIGN U.S. Citizens and the People now OWN The United States, not the State Legislatures, although the Preamble established Sovereign U.S. Citizens too but that’s why the United States Supreme Court REMOVED the Preamble from the Constitution way back in the beginning of all of this, so it would not be a FACTOR, so the Court could ignore what the Seditious State Legislatures were doing, but with the addition of the 14th Amendment, our National Constitution has now established Sovereign U.S. Citizens TWICE and the RULES of MATH dictate that when PROVING something you MUST prove it TWICE, at the VERY LEAST, but three-times or more is preferred, however two-times is all that is required, so now that Sovereign U.S. Citizens have been DECLARED OFFICIALLY TWICE, there is ZERO DISPUTE as to WHO OWNS THIS NATION, We the People OWN IT, but that’s why the Lawyers are ALL about to be KICKED-OFF the Bench here shortly. The Lawyer on the Bench is a VIOLATION of Article 4, thus, EVERY LAWYER on the Bench is a TRAITOR to our National Constitution, a TRAITOR to Federalism, and the Lawyers in the Legislatures are going to be kicked-out too and the Lawyers will also be ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN from having ANY INVOLVEMENT WHATSOEVER in the State Constitutional Conventions that are going to be called here shortly, and the Lawyer’s HOLD over the People is GOING TO END and the Lawyers will NEVER ESCAPE the Bar again!!! Revelations has explained everything quite nicely it’s just most don’t have a clue what’s going on, so they have missed what the Lawyers have been doing but that’s because the Lawyer is PERSONALLY responsible for DUMBING-DOWN the People of this World, via having CONTROL over the People’s Education. “A nation of sheep will soon have a government of wolves.” - Edward R. Murrow “A government of Lawyers will always create a nation of Sheep to prey on.” - Old Toad Proverb You can look at Moses and what God did to him, by setting him up to FAIL, INTENTIONALLY. The Lawyers ALL caught it on that infamous day when God called the Yews his CHOSEN People. The Lawyers, on that day, all knew what God meant by the USE OF THE WORD CHOSEN, they all knew that God meant that the Yews were his Chosen People TO FUCK WITH, given that God INTENTIONALLY setup Moses for FAIL by getting Moses to FREE Egypt of its Bondage of the Lawyer and since the MAIN REASON the Yews were Slaves was due to the Lawyer, by taking the Lawyers TOO, Moses re-enslaved the Yews with the Lawyers, while freeing Egypt of its Bondage of the Lawyer and that’s not what Moses Contracted with God to do, so Moses reneged on his Contract with God and when that all went down, ALL of the Lawyers present knew that, they also knew that God’s True Chosen People were the Lawyers, given the Lawyers wouldn’t have survived the trip had God not provided mana, for the Yews would have eaten the Lawyers first before ever eating a goat or oxen or camel, so by God providing mana for the ENTIRE TRIP, the Lawyers ALL knew God had spared their lives and that the Lawyer was God’s True Chosen People but the Lawyer was doing the same thing as the Yews, they were taking it personal, because they didn’t catch that if God would set-up Moses and ALL Yews, he would do it to the Lawyer TOO; and with that, it’s OBVIOUS that God is FUCKING WITH ALL OF US and you cannot trust a single thing the little-turd says. “God doesn’t play Dice with Humans.” - Albert Einstein That’s Einstein’s Closed System Law concerning God, then you can look at Einstein’s Open System Law of God, where he corrected his earlier mistake: “Coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous.” – Albert Einstein I’ve explained that: Coincidence = Nice Dice Con (anagram) “While in a Closed System, God doesn’t play Dice with Humans; in an Open System, not only does God Play Dice with the Humans, the Humans are the Dice.” (Open System Law of Destiny) - Old Toad Proverb You can see Einstein’s Closed System Theory concerning Destiny: “There is neither Evolution nor Destiny; only Being.” - Albert Einstein But Einstein changed that later down the road: “The high Destiny of the Individual is to Serve rather than Rule.” - Albert Einstein Governor Bevin, as Governor you are supposed to Serve the People of Kentucky; is that who you Serve or do you Serve the Devil Lawyer instead? The People are listening … .. . Ribbit Ps: I am posting my messages to you online so that others will know the TRUTH about what’s going on, plus, so that I cannot be undermined by anyone.