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Found 2 results

  1. Linguists do not think so. They place it in a different family altogether. But I recognize many native Finnish words in English and French, which are Indo-European. huone, huono = home, homely kuka, -kö, -ko = who, what, which; Fr. qui, que, quoi tuoli, istua = stool, sit luulla = to be deluded leipä = loaf minun = me, my, mine he, heidän = they, them, their, theirs hän = he, she seitsemän = seven vaimo = wife, woman meri = maritime, marine There are many more, but I fear to include words that are either not native Finnish or not true cognates.
  2. The language really needs to be cleaned up here. Too much emphasis on the "ROLL." Yes, sushi is rolled. That is how it is made. At the same time, a sushi roll should definitely not be a bedroll. That is "service sushi" -- too much the Japanese "geisha" concept -- and we already have too much of a "service" economy in the U.S., especially in Alaska. Too many services and not enough goods. We must improve our morals in order to improve our economy. Now let's get into the details of the attached photo. "Out of Control Roll, Hot Roll, Crazy Roll, etc." -- that much eagerness for the "Roll" implies either a bedroll or a mental illness. "Yummy Yummy Roll" -- if it is that "Yummy" and you have to say it twice, that is a "Lezbo Roll" "Happiness Roll, Sunshine Roll, etc." -- is that "chef's spicy sauce" supposed to be an antidepressant of some sort? "Rainbow Roll" -- a California roll -- that is a gay male roll "Dragon Roll" -- that is just evil -- the eel and the cucumber are likened to the male member "Fuji Yama Maki" -- topped with "fresh tuna" -- if we have to explicitly specify "fresh," something is wrong The LGBT insinuations are only used to sex up the atmosphere. You are never allowed to forget that the women are providing the services and the men are paying for them. I do not want geisha sushi in the United States. I feel sick already. And the Japanese are selling the general concept of "mental illness" -- along with all the horrors of the 1930s Holocaust that implies. Clean up the language. Get out of LGBT territory. Get out of mental illness territory. That sushi is spoiled. And I almost forgot the "Spider Roll." That's the worst: 8 legs -- no, actually 4 legs and 4 arms, but a spider has only one head, because the other head was delivered on a platter for some other lady's order.